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Keep Your Backyard Tidy with an Outdoor Trash Can

Proper waste disposal seems to be a huge problem these days, especially since we find plenty of uncivilized people that would just throw whatever wrapper they’re holding in the middle of the street.

Outdoor Trash Can

While this is not a post meant to shame people that do that, it is a post that wants to encourage you to always dispose of your trash in a suitable manner. Today’s article is centered around trash cans, and we’re going to separate them into categories, determine their features, then show you some of the best outdoor trash cans we came across.

Top 3 Picks

Customer’s choice: Suncast 30 Gallon Trash Can

“Extremely satisfied with my new trash can! Holds lots of trash and looks good too! Assembly was fast with great instructions.” (Customer review)

Best for camping: Collapsible 44 Gallon Trash Can

When you’re out camping and want to leave nature as clean as you found it, this collapsible, portable, and weather-resistant outdoor trash can is the perfect solution to help you out.

Best value: Rockford Duotech 30 to 33 Gallon Trash Can

Available at a very good price, the Rockford outdoor trash can comes with a liquid drip tray for collecting trash fluids, a weather-resistant construction, and a surface that can easily be painted in the color of your choice.

Types of Trash Cans

There are multiple types of trash cans available on the market, so before we take a look at the features to consider before purchasing one, let’s check out the available options so that you can narrow down your search to those that sound more appealing for your yard:

  • Commercial trash cans are suitable for industrial and commercial settings, where large amounts of trash need to be thrown out. Commercial recycling trash cans are also available and they are good for sorting out trash in more public areas.
  • Disposable trash cans are usually useful when you have an outdoor event. They have a lower price compared to permanent models, so you may want to purchase more and place them around the venue. Always look for disposable trash can made from recyclable materials, as we should all be environmentally-conscious.
  • Outdoor trash cans, the category we’re looking at today, are usually made from heavy-duty plastic and built to be weather-resistant. They come with a covered top to prevent rain or snow from infiltrating inside. Certain models have anchors and weights, and they are really good for windy areas (it also helps prevent them from being stolen).
  • Space-saving trash cans usually have half-round, corner, or wall-hugging designs. They are good if you have a small yard, but there are also indoor models available, suitable for small kitchens and such. Their capacity is usually smaller than 28 gallons.
  • Decorative trash cans come with multiple shapes and colors, and they are great for venues where trash cans need to blend in with the decor. You can also choose to purchase them for residential use, as they are more difficult to spot and more aesthetic.
  • Step-on trash cans are smaller (usually have no more than 40 gallons capacity) and they are mostly used in bathrooms and kitchens, to avoid having to constantly touch the lid to open it (you’ve most likely seen them in public bathrooms).
  • Wheeled trash cans are good for situations where you have to move the trash can a lot without breaking your back in the process.
  • Medical trash cans are usually made from metal and have been approved as being safe to use in medical facilities.
  • Ashtray cans are specifically designed to collect cigarette waste, and are usually narrower compared to your average trash can. Some might also have larger compartments for storing normal waste, with a large ash tray located on the top side.

Types of Trash Cans

Shopping Considerations

If you’ve chosen a specific type of trash can based on the list we’ve put together easier, it is now time to take a look at the features that will make a different because one trash can or the other:


Materials are important when it comes to trash cans for a variety of reasons, including to determine its durability or ease of movement. Trash cans are usually made from one of three materials: metal, plastic, and concrete. Metal trash cans are usually made from aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. Plastic models are more commonly manufactured from polyethylene and resin. Concrete cans are sturdy and are typically constructed from stone or polymer concrete. Needless to say, each material has its advantages and drawbacks. Metal cans have a stylish appearance, are fire-safe, and easy to clean, but they are also prone to wear and tear. Plastic cans are weather-resistance, durable, and can withstand heavy use, but they aren’t aesthetically appealing. Concrete cans are easy to clean, durable, and weather-resistant, but they can’t easily be moved.


The size of the trash can depict its capacity to hold a certain amount of waste. The smallest trash cans can hold up to 4 gallons of trash, while extra-large models have a waste capacity of up to 95 gallons. As far as size is concerned, the best trash can is the one that can hold waste until it’s garbage day.


Believe it or not, there are like 8 different types of trash can lids and knowing which is which is also an important part of your shopping process. Flat lids will completely cover the trash can, not allowing any nasty smells into the kitchen or yard. Dome lids have rounded tops with hinge openings, not allowing rain, snow, dust, or debris from getting inside the trash can.

Open-lid trash cans are best for open areas where people just walk by and throw the trash inside. Sand-top lids are usually found by entrances and may come with ash tray tops. Funnel lids have holes in the center of the lid and, thanks to its sloped edges, can easily catch trash when thrown by people walking by in a hurry. Hinged-lid cans have rotative flaps and are commonly found in public bathrooms and offices (they make a great addition to your home bathroom as well). Recycling lids have a special opening that allows you to fit products of a specific size (for instance, they can be found on metal recycling bins and have a hole that allows you to fit a can inside).

Trash Can Accessories

You’d think that there isn’t much to know about trash cans before purchasing them, but this is a product that comes with consumables and some of the things on this list will help make trash can usage smoother and cleaner:

  • Dollies – If you have an outdoor trash can that you plan to move around constantly, dollies can be of great help. They are very commonly used by janitorial or cleaning staff to make trash cans easier to move.
  • Rigid liners – Made from plastic, a rigid liner goes inside the trash can and makes it less susceptible to wear and tear. It also allows you to dispose of the trash without making a mess.
  • Garbage bags – These are essential for any indoor and outdoor trash can because they allow easy trash removal and make cleaning the trash can easier.

Best Outdoor Trash Cans for Keeping Your Garbage Out of Sight

Patio 33 Gallon Curbside Trash & Recycling Bin

Patio 33 Gallon Curbside Trash & Recycling BinView in gallery

The first outdoor trash can we wanted to show you today is suitable for depositing up to 33 gallons of trash. It is designed from resin that’s made to withstand the weather’s elements and is resistant to fading as well. It has a hinged lid and latches to secure the trash inside the can. The wicker-style design is certainly pleasing from an aesthetic point of view. It measures 31.63” H x 15.75” W x 16” D and comes in a brown color.

Suncast 30 Gallon Trash Can

Suncast 30 Gallon Trash CanView in gallery

The next product is also designed by Suncast and comes in the shape of an outdoor trash can that’s also designed from durable resin, with a construction that’s pretty similar to the model we saw earlier. The trash can is designed with a solid bottom panel and a latching lid to prevent rain or snow or pretty much all other elements from getting inside the can. It measures 31.63” H x 15.75” W x 16” and can hold garbage bags of 30 to 33 gallons in capacity.

Sunterrace 30-Gal Pacific Outdoor Waste Basket

Sunterrace 30-Gal Pacific Outdoor Waste BasketView in gallery

The Sunterrace outdoor trash can was a wicker-like design that’s made from sturdy plastic resin. It has a weather-resistant structure and a design that makes it easy to blend in with the rest of the yard. The lift-top lid makes it easy to deposit trash in a can that has a 30-gallon capacity. It measures 35” H x 16” W x 16” D and comes with a plastic removable liner for easier trash can cleaning.

Rockford Duotech 30 to 33 Gallon Trash Can

Rockford Duotech 30 to 33 Gallon Trash CanView in gallery

The intelligent design of the Rockford outdoor trash can makes it one of our favorite choices of the day. Measuring 34.4” H x 16.14” W x 16.14” D, this can comes with a double lid construction: the top lid which allows for easy trash disposal and will stay shut even if the can is tipped over, plus a bottom sliding tray for catching fluids dripping from your trash. Made from weather-resistant polypropylene, the Rockford can be painted in the color of your choice.

Sara 25 Gallon Trash Can

Sara 25 Gallon Trash CanView in gallery

Measuring 35.1” H x 17.55” W x 16.77” D, the Sara trash can is an outdoor product with a design that is aesthetic due to its rattan construction. It has a 25-gallon capacity and it can be flipped open to reveal the contents. There is a liner on the inside of the can to make cleaning easier. It’s available in four color options: gray, gray-brown, natural, and black.

Medium Duty Galvanized 10 Gallon Curbside Trash

Medium Duty Galvanized 10 Gallon Curbside TrashView in gallery

The next suggestion we have in store for you today is a traditionally-looking metal trash can that can be placed both indoors, as well as outside. It can only support up to 10 gallons of trash, so it’s rather small inside, but there’s something very stylish about its appearance. Since it’s not rust-resistant, we would recommend using it on the patio instead of outside in the full sun and rain, just for safety. It measures 18.75” H x 15.63” W x 16” D and is made entirely out of steel.

Savannah 30 Gallon Trash Can

Savannah 30 Gallon Trash CanView in gallery

With a simple design, yet one that could easily blend in with the rest of your yard, the Savannah trash can has a column-style design and is made entirely out of plastic. It has a weather-resistant construction and a 30-gallon capacity, so it should do the job for the majority of households. There are eight different colors to choose from, so finding one that matches your outside decor is pretty easy. It measures 38” H x 19” W x 19” D and comes with a manual-opening hinge.

Collapsible 44 Gallon Trash Can

Collapsible 44 Gallon Trash CanView in gallery

The Wakeman trash can is clearly not something you want to see in your yard every day, but it is clearly one of the best ways to dispose of your trash when you’re out camping in the woods. It has a collapsible design that makes transportation easy since it doesn’t occupy much space. It can hold an impressive 44 gallons of trash due to its 27” H x 22” W x 22” D size. It’s made from plastic, has a weather-resistant construction, and even includes a lid.

26 Gallon Multi-Compartments Trash & Recycling Bin

26 Gallon Multi-Compartments Trash & Recycling BinView in gallery

Made from reclaimed wood, this is a product that will likely find its way into multiple homes because of its distressed vintage-style look and its double compartment that allows trash separation. The reclaimed wood construction makes every piece unique because of the color variation, nail holes, knots, and other such elements. It is a hand-made product that measures 24.5” H x 41” W x 15.5” D, with each of the compartments having a 13-gallon capacity.

Aspen 24 Gallon Trash Trash Can

Aspen 24 Gallon Trash Trash CanView in gallery

The 35” H x 18” W x 18” D Aspen trash can is designed with stone panels that give it a natural look, also standing as justification for the higher price. The frame is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel, so you know you’re dealing with a durable product. The leg levelers are great for situations where the trash can has to be placed on an uneven surface. It supports up to 24 gallons of trash and includes a rigid plastic liner with a leak-proof design, made to contain liquids and make the trash can easier to clean.


What is the best outdoor trash can?

The best outdoor trash can is the one that can easily be cleaned, comes with a sealed lid top that prevents the elements from getting inside the can, and can last for a long time.

What size are outdoor garbage cans?

An outdoor garbage can usually measures at least 20 gallons, with the larger models being as big and high-capacity as to hold up to 95 gallons in weight.

How do you cover a trash can outside?

If you check out our section on what to look for before buying a trash can, you will discover that there are many different types of lids available on the market. A lid is the best way to cover an outdoor trash can but, in case you’re looking for a short-term solution, know that you can also use a tarp, or a large plastic bag.

Why are trash cans so expensive?

Not all trash cans are expensive but those that cost more are usually made from high-quality materials, are durable, weather-resistant, or have a certain aesthetic appeal to them, allowing them to blend in with the scenery up to a point where they don’t even look like trash cans anymore.

In Conclusion

Choosing an outdoor trash can isn’t easy if you don’t want what to expect when you start browning products. There are so many different trash cans to consider, you should know about the main existing categories so you can pick a model that’s suitable to your needs. Trash cans are extremely easy to find, but the product offer can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you make the best choice for your needs.