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See How Good Outdoor LED Spotlights Can Make Your Life Easier

Ready to give your home’s exterior a facelift but not sure what to incorporate? LED spotlights can make your home look gorgeous as well as making your life a little more secure with more illumination. Outdoor LED spotlights are a great way to illuminate your entire home and help shed more light on places that would otherwise go dark.

 Outdoor LED Spotlights

Whether you have an impressive garden you would like to have more illumination at night, or you would simply feel more secure with some extra lighting outside, you just can’t go wrong with these outdoor spotlights. Using LED spotlights, you can easily create the outdoor lighting design you’ll love.

What Is An LED Spotlight?

An LED spotlight is a high-powered light that can direct light into a designated spot or area. You will most commonly see LED spotlights in the corners of properties, or at the corners of homes along the roof.

You will also see LED spotlights above a garage door or positioned near landscaping or water features to highlight that area. Spotlights create plenty of light and shadows. This is why homeowners love to use LED spotlights outside of their homes to add texture and shadows to their brickwork or other areas of their properties of visual value.

Why is A Led Spotlight Is So Great?

Why is A Led Spotlight Is So Great?

An LED spotlight is so great because LEDs take very little energy to power. They have a super-condensed beam of light that won’t consume too much electricity at all. They are also safer because they can reduce the risk of combustion or electric shock and burns.

LEDs are made with epoxy lenses, not glass, so they are much more durable and will last you much longer than standard spotlights made of glass bulbs. LED spotlights are wonderful to use if you need a very high-powered beam at any given moment.

Whether that means you would like an LED spotlight outside your home as a fixture, or you would like to take an LED spotlight with you on your next hunting or camping trip, these powerful lights can easily come along for the adventure. They are highly useful, very durable and so easy to set up or take with you.

LED Flood Lights Vs LED Spotlights – 3 Big Differences

LED Flood Lights Vs LED Spotlights

1. Beam Differences

LED spotlights have a narrower light beam at least at 45 degrees or less. This kind of beam is concentrated to more specific areas and can be rather direct. For example, these kinds of beams are great for direct light to a water feature or other area of your yard that you want specific attention to.

They are also great for using to arch upwards toward your home so that you can illuminate all the intricate brickwork you may have around your home. This creates a really cool texture and light play that can be seen all the way down from the street.

LED flood lights are creating a large beam spread that can range from 50 to 120 degrees of light. This is a very large beam that can cover a significant amount of ground and space without using too much energy or wattage. These flood lights are very bright and are ideal to use as a trigger sensor light if you want to add some more illuminated security to your property.

These are commonly used around the house at the baseboards of the roof to automatically turn on when a flood sensor is triggered. So, if someone walks across your property, they will turn on automatically to scare the potential intruder away.

Aside from security purposes, these LED flood lights are a great way to get more light into your space – whether you want to illuminate a particular area or you would just like your home to look brighter.

2. Coverage Areas

LED spotlights will have a more direct area of coverage. Since the light is more narrow, LED spotlights are great at illuminated one specific area or one specific item. LED spotlights are great at highlighting specific points, such as an outdoor patio water feature or any kind of feature in landscaping. These lights are also used to highlight items such as artwork in museums or other items of interest you may see on walls.

LED flood lights are great at illuminating larger areas, such as big yards, parking lots, warehouses, or other commercial areas. They can cover a lot of ground at once, which is why they are sought out for widescale areas that need light. These are great if you don’t need an exact point of light to illuminate an object, but rather add light to an entire area. These are also wonderful to use with a trigger sensor to illuminate front yards to prevent potential break-ins or theft from your property.

3. Portability

There are so many portable spotlights out there – you can virtually take them almost anywhere. While the bulk of this article goes into detail about the spotlights anchored to your home, spotlights, in general, can be used as regular flashlights with a much stronger beam and higher-powered light. LED spotlights are perfect to be used in hunting, fishing, or camping.

Basically, anywhere you need a light, you will benefit by taking a led spotlight along with you. These spotlights can be handheld but can also be set up to be anchored to a spot so you can work hands-free and not have to worry about adjusting the light every so often.

LED Flood lights can also be found as a portable setup, looking more like a box light than a portable spotlight. LED flood lights are usually large but can be moveable and placed in different areas as you see fit. Most people set up LED flood lights around their homes and they will stay in that same spot, but portable flood lights are great because you can move them throughout the year or as needed.

If you like the look of permanent flood lights as light fixtures, there are plenty of options for that. But, on the other hand, if you prefer a flood light that can be moved around, there are a lot of great options for that, as well.

The Best Three LED Spotlights

The Best Three LED Spotlights

If you have a specific thing that needs illumination, or you would like a tactical spotlight to take with you while you are hunting or fishing, you can’t go wrong with an LED spotlight. These are some of the best LED spotlights that we’ve found.

GOODSMANN Spotlight 6000 Lumen

GOODSMANN Spotlight 6000 LumenView in gallery

The Goodsmann spotlight is a rechargeable, detachable spotlight that is ideal for hunting, fishing, or camping. This spotlight comes out at 6000-lumen brightness and is so high powered that you can use it onshore or offshore, depending on your needs. This is a waterproof light that can also float in water so you will never have to worry about this spotlight sinking to the bottom of the ocean. The fact that this light is portable makes it convenient to take with you anywhere.

Who should buy this?

This spotlight would be ideal for the sportsman who is always on the go, either hunting, fishing, or boating.


  • Portable
  • 6000 lumen light
  • Waterproof
  • Will float in water


  • Expensive

Energizer LED Spotlight

Energizer LED SpotlightView in gallery

The Energizer LED spotlight is water-resistant, impact-resistant, and offers a super bright LED light with heavy-duty durability and powerful beam distance. This is a great tool to take with you in all kinds of projects or settings, including projects, worksites, or recreational activities. This can be a hands-free light as you can set it up where you need it and work freely. This spotlight comes with 600 lumens so it’s bright enough to light up any dark area.

Who should buy this?

Anyone who loves to work outdoors, even well into the night, would benefit from this spotlight.


  • LED high powered work light
  • Can be hands-free
  • Great for outdoors
  • Far-reaching beam


  • Not as bright as others

YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlight

YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlightView in gallery

This super bright 6000 lumen led flashlight is a handheld spotlight with a long-lasting light. This is perfect for camping or working outdoors as it’s bright and has a high-powered focus beam. The battery on this light will last over 20 hours and feature three adaptable settings in high, low, or flash. There is an extra flood sidelight to this light in case you need to see something close when working. This is a softer light that will illuminate a larger space, so you have a spotlight and flood light capability with this light.

Who should buy this?

Anyone who loves the outdoors or working on outdoor projects would love this light as it comes with a spotlight and a flood light.


  • Has a spotlight and a flood light
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Portable
  • Highly durable


  • Complicated to use

The Best Three LED Floodlights

The Best Three LED Floodlights

Think an LED floodlight might be a better choice for your needs? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best ones you can buy.

Ustellar 4 Pack 25W RGB LED Flood Lights

Ustellar 4 Pack 25W RGB LED Flood LightsView in gallery

Ustellar has created a nifty four-pack of 25W RGB LED outdoor floodlights that can also be used as floor lamps for a party or for illuminating your outdoor areas. These lights provide a multicolor strobe with a remote control and color set options so you can adjust the colors with the touch of a button.

You can have the colors change patterns or include them with a flash, strobe, fade out, or smooth burn. This setup comes with a memory function and you can easily set a timer so these lights will come on when you want them to. They are waterproof and highly durable.

Who should buy this?

Anyone who loves fun flood lights will love these as they change color, can be used indoors or outdoors, and have memory functions.


  • Fun lights
  • Can be strobes
  • Illuminates a large area
  • Used indoors and outdoors


  • Not all color settings work well

Led Flood Light 100W Equivalent

Led Flood Light 100W EquivalentView in gallery

If you want your flood lights to do so much more than just shine, these are the flood lights for you. They can change color, have a Bluetooth connection, and can even be controlled by an app. They have a super bright glow with warm white and 20 different color-changing modes to really get the mood set.

Whether you want to use these indoors or outdoors, these lights are sure to illuminate everything with vivid and bright color. These would be ideal to use around the holidays when you would like to illuminate Halloween or Christmas decorations with some flair.

Who should buy this?

Anyone who loves vivid, bright color-changing lights would love these flood lights as they are great to be used indoors and outdoors all season long.


  • Super bright
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Bluetooth


  • Colors aren’t as illuminating as clear light

GLORIOUS-LITE 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light Outdoor

GLORIOUS-LITE 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light OutdoorView in gallery

If you are looking for strong LED flood lights to use outdoors, you’ve found your perfect light. While these lights only come in white, they offer you a soft glow that is absolutely ideal for any outdoor space. These can be used to illuminate certain areas of your home or your yard, but due to their brightness, they can also be used to illuminate a workspace.

These lights have so many uses, including being used to illuminate the garden, the playground, or even an exterior part of your house to bring in some more light. These lights are power, and energy-saving and come with durable material that boasts to last a lifetime.

Who should buy this?

Anyone who loves outdoor lighting and wants to save on cost and energy will love these lights. They are easy to use and offer a soft white glow that is ideal in multiple situations.


  • Power and energy saving
  • Durable materials
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Compact design

  • Too large for small properties

The Bottom Line on LED Spotlights

There you have it – all the best LED spotlights and LED floodlights you could need. While there are so many great options here, our personal favorite is the color-changing LED floor lamps as they are super fun to use during the holidays and can still illuminate your outdoor space with vivid color.

Did you find this article helpful? Which one of these light options was your favorite? Have any experience with this kind of lighting setup? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments in the section below so we can all gain some more insight into which lighting method works best. Looking for something a little more decorative? Check out our guide to the best solar fence post lights!