Lighting trends for 2011

There has been a consistent improvement in the lighting trends in the past few years. And this process is sure to continue in the year 2011 and also beyond it. You can place several dollars bet that the year 2011 is going to be the year in which people will be seen showcasing their ornate and grand lighting fixtures in their home. The lighting fixtures that are going to be in trend this year will be opulent as well as elegant and sophisticated as well as contemporary.

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Chandelier– These chandeliers are actually lamps and not ceiling lights as the typical chandeliers. They are not capable of being the focal point of the lighting system, but they can very well play with the vertical space and accent a room amazingly. The small chandeliers can be literally introduced in any room starting from the study room to the living room.

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Track lights – track lights have always been a popular choice among homeowners. The main reason behind its popularity is the flexibility offered to brighten up varied areas. However, we expect to see an increase in its popularity in the year 2011. The popular style this year would be hidden track lights were lighting fixture would stand independent and the track of the light would be hidden.

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Lighting fixtures in deep metal colors – Lighting fixtures in deep metal colors and brushed metal finish would be the latest trend this year. These fixtures give off a classic appeal and at the same time also look contemporary. As long as you can balance the rustic looks of these lights, you can easily introduce them in all rooms of a house.

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Dimmable lights – dimmable lights would also be in trend this year. These lights are ideal for accent lighting and are eco friendly as well as economically efficient. Dimmable lights will be available in a wide variety of types, designs, styles and will thus give you the exceptional opportunity to introduce them in different parts of home.

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Sconce lighting fixtures – as apartments are now featuring limited space, sconces would be ruling the lighting trend in the year 2011. These lights offer you the opportunity to play with the lighting effect and the space. The varied designs from which you choose are vintage, retro, contemporary and traditional.{picture credit}