Window Genie Gutter Cleaning Review 

Window Genie is a worthy residential gutter cleaning company. Hiring a cleaning company eliminates the trouble of climbing up the ladder. Keeping your gutters clean helps avoid overflowing issues. Debris buildup is a significant clogging cause, leading to pricey gutter repairs.

Window Genie at a Glance

Window Genie Gutter Cleaning Review 

Window Genie is a home service with many franchises across the U.S. Besides gutter cleaning, the company deals in pressure washing, window cleaning, and tinting. Window Genie’s franchise partners offer exemplary professional services.

With over 20 years of experience, the brand has won the trust of many homeowners. All its team members are trained, bonded, and passed a background check. They’re also insured, and the brand offers free estimates to potential customers. Independent franchises operate all services in the U.S.

Window Genie Gutter Services

Homeowners who pre-pay for gutter cleaning services get up to 30% discounts. A Save Maintenance Plan is ideal for homeowners looking to save money. The plan allows you to request multiple Window Genie’s services at a discount. It’s worth noting that the offers are limited to participating franchises.

Gutter Cleaning & Repair

If your gutters are sagging, it’s time to hire Window Genie’s gutter cleaning service. The brand also recommends checking your home for signs of water damage.

Window Genie also offers gutter repair services at fair prices. Its team of professionals fixes cracked and sagging gutters. Depending on the damage, they also offer advice on whether to repair or replace it.

The cleaning team may also offer possible remedies if your gutters pull away. During the consultation, the professional will give you insights on a suitable gutter type and material.

Window Genie recommends installing seamless gutters as they’re less prone to leaking. The brand fixes gutters that are overflowing or aren’t draining from the downspouts. You could also hire Window Genie if your gutters are clogged with gravel from the roof.

Hiring Window Genie via the Neighborly App

Homeowners can schedule gutter cleaning appointments via the Neighborly app. It’s a quick and convenient way to access gutter services. The Neighborly app is available on both Android and iOS devices. It lets homeowners locate Window Genie franchise locations.

You could also use the app to compare estimates from different home improvement and repair companies. Homeowners can track the gutter cleaning progress while away via the app.

Repeat customers are eligible for personalized offers via the Neighborly app. The app also offers handy tips that educate homeowners on proper gutter maintenance. The Neighborly app recommends Window Genie for its professionalism and affordable rates.

Window Genie Review: Customer Support

Homeowners can locate franchises by entering their zip code on Window Genie’s website. To get a quote, fill in the free estimate request form.

You’ll need to tick the services and add your contact information and home address. The other way to request a free consultation is by dialing 877-243-8624. Window Genie is also active on all major social media platforms.

Window Genie Review: Guarantee

Window Genie guarantees outstanding workmanship and prompt service delivery. The gutter cleaning service assures customers of a free flow of rainwater and zero leaks.

The team is happy to redo the cleaning exercise if a customer is dissatisfied. Window Genie resolves any issues, and its team maintains a thriving customer relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Will I need to be there when you’re working?

Most gutter cleaning companies, including Window Genie, don’t need you to be there. The cleaning professionals don’t need access to your home. They use a ladder to access the gutters. If you have a dog, make sure to lock it up.

Can Window Genie inspect my roof and gutters while cleaning?

Window Genies lets you know if your gutters are loose joints or rust. The team shows you photos before and after the cleaning service. The brand could also help with minor gutter repairs.

How far in advance should I book?

Window Genie cleans your gutters within the same week of making inquiries. The team may use Google Satellite or Street View to speed up the assessment. You could also mention you want Window Genie to work with a timeline. Window Genie may reschedule for safety reasons due to heavy rainfall or strong winds.

How will I know when it’s time to clean my gutters?

It’s time to clean your gutters if some areas are overflowing. If the downspouts aren’t draining the rainwater, it means you have clogged gutters. Debris buildup over the top of your gutters is another common sign. Keep a regular cleaning schedule to enhance the longevity of your gutters.

Window Genie Review: Our Take

Window Genie is ideal for homeowners looking for a multi-service package at a bargain. While it’s not BBB-accredited, the brand has some positive online reviews. The Neighborly App recommends Window Genie, making it a reputable gutter cleaning brand.

Window Genie’s many locations make the brand more accessible to homeowners. Compared to its competitors, Window Genie puts a lot of effort into customer satisfaction. Many homeowners rely on Window Genie because of the expertise of its personnel.