Gorgeous Enlighting Cups of Tea

For those who do not like coffee, tea is an excellent option. You can use it daily or for a certain purpose. It depends on your needs and pleasures. In England, for example tea or drinking a cup of tea became a traditional custom and English people became famous for it.Sometimes a cup of tea may light your soul which abounds in so many problems , worries or bad feelings but what do you say about lighting your room?

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This thing is possible now due to Gregory Bonasera’s work. He is an Australian ceramicist who has specialized in lighting and created these gorgeous enlighting cups of tea.They take the shape of classic cups of tea, made of ceramics but they bring light and an artistic style into your room. Their position is suspended upside down; their small plate does not miss and are colored beautifully. Many of them are white combined with warm colors like yellow, red or decorated with floral or other decorative ornaments.

Enlighting Cups of Tea picture

There are also other combinations of colors or prints so that you can choose the ones that you need and love.These beautiful enlighting cups of tea will create a funny and artistic décor.