Elegant Glass Libreria Bookcase Tonelli

Valuable things have always been stored and kept into glass boxes so that everybody could admire them. Glass is also an elegant material which inspires refinement and the idea of precious. If you go to a museum, art gallery or any other public institution glass storage units will allow you to see things that are unique or which belong to that particular place.

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If you want an elegant storage unit that can be moved easily wherever you want, Libreria Bookcase Tonelli is a nice option. It is a glass bookcase which consists of stacking elements on rubber casters that will help you keep your precious things in a visible place, where everybody can admire, like in a museum. The glass bookcase was designed by Marco Gaudenzi and is available in various sizes so that you can choose the one that suites your interior best.

Libreria Bookcase Tonelli is an elegant bookcase where you can put your books, decorative items or any kind of things that you want to keep them at sight but far away from dust or any other negative factors which can affect their design and texture. It has plenty of space for anything you want to exhibit or store and the extra clear glass model is also available. Now you have the opportunity to admire your favorite things in a safe place and even nicer is the fact that you can move them anywhere you please to see them due to the rubber casters of the glass bookcase. You can also create a small museum inside your living room or office room where things that will better represent you will speak for you.Available on site.