Domino Design Bookcases

Bookcases are an indispensable piece of furniture and every dwelling, be it contemporary or traditional, always has a place for this furnishing. It is not just the utility but also the aesthetic value which makes the bookcases special and designers these days pay a lot of attention in crafting these cases.

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Here is a collection of some very attractive looking bookcases finished by famous Italian brand Domino Design. All these designs look very contemporary and each individual unit has the capacity to spice up your living area other than stacking books.

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Bookcases are almost a must-have in the house. They are not useful if you want to store books in there, but also other little things like collectible and little personal treasures. There are many designed for this type of furniture and all of them are beautiful and special. Some of them are more simple, others more sophisticated, some are small, others cover the entire wall, some are modular, others are not.

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These examples are related to different types of bookcases, of different shapes and sizes. They are all relatively simple and they can be placed anywhere you want. Take a look and see which one you like best, or which one better fits with the rest of your furniture or with the interior decor of your home. There are also many colors to choose from.