Daisy Glass Shade from Seagull Lighting

I have repeatedly said that every time you want to make some changes in the overall design of your house, but you do not want to spend too much money for this, you can just change a few accessories and make small changes, but with great effects. For example you can change the shade of your pendant lamp , add some flowers in a new vase and rearrange furniture and you will have a brand new look. This Daisy Glass Shade from Seagull Lighting is perfect for those who want to have a floral shade , but keeping the classic  seriousness.

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This shade is black in colour and has some beautiful daisy patterns on. It is made of cased glass and the daisy patterns are engraved in the glass, looking more like a manufacture. The light inside succeeds to get out and be spread through the white daisies and the blackish shade cast around makes the room sort of mysterious. It is perfect for the hallway for example, as it offers a diffuse light, focused more right underneath the lamp.

The shade has an unusual shape for a lamp, looking like a large tube and it is delivered together with some bronze finish and brushed nickel finish thumb screws for use with a variety of pendant assemblies. This way you will be able to use the shade for a pendant of your choice, as it is not purchased together with one. You can now buy it for $48.60.