Inspiring Bookcase Plans That Let You Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

Can’t find a decent bookcase that suits your style or that fits in your price range? Then just build your own. It’s not as complicated or as difficult as you think and with some well-made bookcase plans you can definitely be successful. There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you’re looking to build a corner bookcase, one that’s tall and narrow or one that follows the guidelines of a particular style. We have some great ideas and plans that we’d like to share with you today. Think of these projects as an inspiration source for a custom bookcase which you’ll be designing yourself.

Mid century bookcase projectView in gallery

We’ll start with something super simple. In fact, this is not even a standard bookcase. It’s actually a sort of storage bin which can be used in a variety of different settings. It would fit nicely in the kids’ room or play area. They could use it to store and organize their books or their arts and crafts supplies. It could also function and a toy box. In any case, check out the plans shared on thislittlestreet.

Contemporary bookcase made from wood planksView in gallery

This bookcase is great for several different reasons. Its contemporary design is simple and has clean lines and a strong and durable structure. Moreover, the design and the plans are easily modifiable which means the project can be customized to fit any space, whether you need a narrow bookcase, a super long one or just a regular one. You can find a detailed tutorial for this project on popularwoodworking.

DIY bookcase made from empty wooden cratesView in gallery

A bookcase doesn’t have to be big and doesn’t even have to display the standard structure with shelves attached to a frame. A bookcase can can small and made of wooden crates, like the one featured on burkatron. Isn’t it charming? It fit perfectly in that nook between the wall beams and it’s a perfect match for a comfy sofa or armchair. This can be the ideal reading spot.

Industrial corner bookshelf on wheelsView in gallery

Since you’re building the bookcase yourself from scratch, you’re free to use any materials you want. Let’s say, for example, that you want to build an industrial bookcase. You could use some right-angle steel for that. Visit the hardware store and get enough to build the frame for the bookcase that you have in mind. You can make the shelves out of wood for a pleasant contrast between the materials and their colors and textures. {found on saltbushavenue}.

Upcycled Restyled Home Office BookshelfView in gallery

Your new bookcase doesn’t have to be built from scratch to be charming and beautiful. You could simply your old bookshelves a makeover. Maybe you can even improve them structurally. The project featured on cieradesign could be of some help in this sense. It shows how an old bookshelf packed full with stuff was transformed into an elegant piece of furniture with a lot of character.

Wood and pipes bookcase designView in gallery

If simplicity and practicality are the things you appreciate most about a bookcase, check out this project that we found on Instructables. It’s a bookcase with a lot of character, one which you can build out of some wood boards metal rods. You can give it as many shelves as you want and you can secure it to the wall for more stability. Each shelf can be stained or painted and it’s even possible to integrate this unit into a more complex structure which could also include a desk for example. Check out the plans and get creative with them.

PVC pipes tall bookcaseView in gallery

When we mentioned narrow bookcase, this is one of the designs we had in mind. It’s a steep pipe bookcase built using the plans and instructions shared on instructables. This particular bookcase was built using pallet wood and steel pipes but you can definitely make the design your own by choosing any type of wood and metal you prefer. For instance, copper pipes could give the bookcase a more chic look, one that’s less rugged.

Honeycomb bookcase DIYView in gallery

There’s a cool tutorial for a honeycomb-shaped bookcase on instructables that we also find really interesting. This is a bookcase which you can build using particle board and glue. It’s like a puzzle except that you’re the one that cuts the pieces and then assembles them. Use primer and paint to give the shelves any color you want. You can also use tape to create interesting and eye-catching patterns. Each hexagon-shaped element can be considered an individual module and you can build as many you want and then combine them in a configuration that suits your space.

Bookcase with an industrial touchView in gallery

Finding a bookcase that fits neatly in a corner is almost impossible. The good thing is that you can build something like that yourself. It doesn’t have to be an overly complicated project. The bookcase plans shared on instructables might be the dose of inspiration you need to start a project like this one. As you can see, this is a sort of L-shaped bookcase, one which you can build out of wood and metal rods.

Low bookcase design - free plansView in gallery

Repurposing old items to create new and unique furniture pieces is a great idea, one which is exemplified on instructables. Follow this tutorial to find out how to repurpose a retro army trunk into stylish bookcase. First you need to find a trunk and to clean it up. Then you install a shelf divider in the middle and you paint the whole thing. At the end, you install the legs.

Wall shelf bookcaseView in gallery

Check out these awesome bookcase plans that we found on almostmakesperfect. With these you can put together a unique wall unit for your living room or home office. The shelves are made of wood and the frame is made of metal, a combination often seen on industrial-style furniture. The units are wall-mounted which gives them a lightweight look and which makes the whole space around them look airy and open.

Wooden bookcase you can build yourselfView in gallery

We’re now returning on instructables to check out a tutorial for these cute bookshelves. The unit is perfect for a reading corner if you pair it with a comfortable armchair or a pouf. Also, because of the dimensions, this small bookcase can also fit nicely in a kid’s room. It’s made of plywood and it’s lightweight. If you want you can put casters on it so you can easily roll it around.

SImple wall bookshelf storageView in gallery

You know those bookshelves for kids which put the books on display rather than simply storing them in groups? They’re pretty cool and not that hard to build either. Check out littlefingerprints for an example of a beautiful handcrafted bookcase with this sort of shelves. It’s basically just a box with three compartments and rods  accompanying each shelf.

Modern DIY bookcaseView in gallery

We also found some really cool bookcase plans on homemade-modern. What we love most about this design is the simplicity and linearity of the bookcase and the way in which the materials used complement each other. The proportions are great too. Think of this small bookcase as an accent piece for the living room, for your home office or even for spaces like the bedroom or a hallway. The design has a little hint of industrial without being too rugged.

Industrial Bookcase for living roomView in gallery

There’s another cool bookcase which wonderfully blends industrial and modern elements in its design. We found the plans for this project on rogueengineer. the project starts with the outer frame which is made of wood. Once you have this part figured out, add the back supports and install the back. So far there’s nothing industrial about this bookcase. Things change when you install the pipe supports for the shelves. Adding the shelves is the final step.

Hendry Bookshelf DIYView in gallery

In the mood for something with a bit of rustic flair, perhaps a casual-looking bookcase that could fit nicely in a holiday home’s living room? We have the perfect plans for this. You can find them on ana-white. The bookcase featured here has a farmhouse-style design which can also look right at home in certain modern decors. Also, don’t feel compelled to fill it with books. A bookcase is actually a very versatile piece of furniture which can hold a lot of things. We like the idea of creating a diverse mixture of items which can be stored and displayed on the shelves.

DIY wall pipes bookcaseView in gallery

Pipes and pallets can be used to build just about anything, including bookcases. There’s a project that we find particularly interesting in this sense. We found it on thebrickhouse. It shows plans and instructions for building a shelving unit, a sort of industrial bookcase. The project is  really easy and can be customized in lots of different ways in order to suit a particular space or layout. You can design a unit like this around your living room TV or you can customize it to leave room for some artwork that you really love.

Bench with bookcaseView in gallery

The last project that we want to share with you today comes from instructables. It’s an IKEA hack centered around the Gorm shelving unit. The end result is not a tall and narrow bookcase but a horizontal unit which doubles as a frame and base for a bench. by simply placing a mattress/ cushion on top of the unit you get to turn it into a multifunctional piece. What a great idea for a window seat or a reading area.