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Best Christmas Window Lights That Are Full Of Holiday Cheer

Winter holidays: the reason of tremendous joy for some and the kryptonite and anxiety of having to go gift shopping, cooking, or decorating the house for others. Whatever category you fit into, Christmas is surely a holiday that can’t be neglected, and while some preparations might be stressful as first, the satisfaction of having friends and family over to celebrate amongst apple and cinnamon scents, and magic Christmas lights is very rewarding. And speaking of Christmas lights, may we offer some suggestions?

Tips on Choosing Window Christmas Lights

Shopping for Christmas lights might seem like the easiest holiday task of all, but when you’re literally faced with hundreds of options, you start thinking twice, maybe even three or four times before actually spending your money. If you’re not sure how to choose the best window Christmas lights, here are some suggestions that we believe might prove useful:

  • Since we’re talking about windows lights, you want to choose those that can be seen from inside the house, as well as from the outside. For instance, some decorations have the lights placed on a single side and they look like a bunch of plastic and wires from the back. You want to avoid that when it comes to window lights because you want to get the same visual effect no matter where you’re standing.
  • During the winter, temperatures inside the house are extremely different and way higher compared to outside temperatures. In some case, this can cause condensation which makes the windows a little bit wet. Should this happen, wouldn’t it be better if your Christmas window lights were waterproof? While this is not mandatory, it is still a nice feature to have if you ever plan on using those lights outdoors (never place lights outdoors that aren’t waterproof unless they can stay protected).
  • LED lights are your best options, even if they typically cost more than other types of bulbs. The initial investment will pay for itself because LED lights have a longer lifespan, they require less electricity to run (or don’t drain the batteries as fast), and they burn at lower temperatures, which means they don’t emit the same amount of heat as other types of lightbulbs do.
  • If you’re interested in the lights being more powerful, you want to choose wide-angle bulbs. These are shaped like a cone and can spread light in a wider angle, which makes them appear more powerful compared to other types of lights.
  • To avoid any unappealing cords hanging by your windows, you might want to opt for battery-powered lights. These come with little compartments or boxes that hold the batteries needed for the lights to function. They are useful in situations where you don’t have a power outlet really close to the window and they are less of a tripping hazard (plus, cords are something that children are often tempted to pull, so you might want to avoid having too many of these lying around the house).

Top Window Christmas Lights

1. YMING Curtain Lights Indoor Outdoor

Lighted Santa Claus Face Christmas Window Silhouette

The first item on today’s list is a set of Christmas lights designed to look like a tree branch. It comes with eight different flashing mods so that you can select between steady on, slow fade, waves, glowing, and others. One of the best parts is the fact that the light can remember the last setting and when you turn them back on, they will automatically resume the last mode selected before being turned off. Since it is waterproof certified with an IP44 rating, this string of lights is also suitable for outdoor use.

This string comes with 72 lights designed to be energy-saving and divided into 24 groups with bulbs of different sizes. This helps create a really nice visual effect. The wires and construction make it so that you can bend the lights to form different shapes if that’s what you’re after. The lights are UL588 approved and are safe to use with low voltage.

2. BIMOUR Christmas Lights

Lighted Santa Claus Face Christmas Window Silhouette

Next up, we have a battery-powered set of Christmas lights that are beautifully shaped like snowflakes and create a winter wonderland-style ambiance. With 40 LED bulbs per string, these lights function with three AA batteries which have to be purchased separately. The battery box is where you can find the power switch.

They have a waterproof rating of IP44, which means they can be used both indoors and outside. Made from PVC material, these lights only include two lighting modes: steady on and twinkle. They have a warm light and are perfect for putting around your windows, on the porch, or even used to decorate the Christmas tree.

3. Impact Innovations 22″ Lighted Star of Bethlehem

Lighted Santa Claus Face Christmas Window Silhouette

Another beautiful example of how Christmas lights can completely change the ambiance of a room is this Impact Innovations huge star decoration. It is designed mostly for window use, but it can also be placed above the fireplace or used to decorate a wall in the room. It measures 14 x 17 inches and works indoors, but also outside, provided that you offer it some protection.

It has a plastic frame construction that allows you to see the lights clearly from both sides, which is why most people choose to use it as a window decoration item. There are 43 sparkly lights put together to create one giant star. The design also includes a suction cup to make it easier to place on glass-like surfaces.

4. Star Curtain Lights

Lighted Santa Claus Face Christmas Window Silhouette

Star-shaped Christmas lights will always be a popular choice during the holiday season and when you have a product as awesome as this one, you’re going to wish it’s winter every day of the year. This 7.3 x 3.3-foot extendable light curtain comes with 138 LEDs and two different star sizes to create a nicer visual impact in whatever spot they’re placed in.

There are eight lighting modes to choose from and a remote control that works even when you’re standing as far as 98 feet from the actual light curtain. The lights are designed with quality copper wiring and promise to have a lifespan of around six years. The lights have a IP44 waterproof rating and come with 12 hooks and an extension cable that measures 9.8 feet. 

5. Flameless-Candles-Led-Battery-Operated

Lighted Santa Claus Face Christmas Window Silhouette

Flaming candles that are operated by batteries are an awesome thing to have because they recreate the ambiance provided by natural candles without keeping you in constant fear that you can’t leave them unsupervised and risk a fire hazard. Of course, they are not scented and they do require changing the batteries from time to time, but if you enjoy the diffuse candle light, these provide a much safer option to keep enjoying what you like.

This is a set of three unscented candles, with each of them having different measurements (one is three inches in height, the other one is four inches, and the last one is five). They are safe to use around children or pets since there is no flame, hot wax, and accidentally tipping them won’t risk starting a fire.

6. LED Star 240 Light Lighted Window Décor

Lighted Santa Claus Face Christmas Window Silhouette

If you love Christmas light decorations, you have to check out this star-shaped light ensemble. It is available in a cold white and a warm white version, and comes with a stunning design that will catch attention the second someone walks into the room. It measures 2′ H x 2′ L x 2′ D and has a cord length of 16’.

This window decor is equipped with wide-angle LEDs but the light isn’t very powerful, so don’t expect it to blind you when you turn the lights off. You can hang this decoration next to the window and you can also fold it when you’re not using it. The construction is waterproof, so this can be hung both outdoors, as well as inside the house.

7. LED Snowflake 528 Light Lighted Window Décor

Lighted Santa Claus Face Christmas Window Silhouette


How about this beautiful giant snowflake that’s made up from many tiny lights that glow beautifully as part of your Christmas setup? Take a look at this LED light ensemble, with 66 flickering lights and 528 LED (wow, that really is an impressive number) lights that are put together to create this 3′ H x 3′ L x 3′ D.

The warm lights are part of a hanging decoration that’s perfect for placing near windows, but there are other spots inside the house where you can put this giant snowflake if you’re feeling creative. This is a plug-in decoration item that comes with an adapter and an instruction manual.

8. Lighted Santa Claus Face Christmas Window Silhouette

Lighted Santa Claus Face Christmas Window Silhouette

So we’ve shown you giant candles, snowflakes, and reindeers, so how about a giant Santa Claus face? He is a major symbol of Christmas, so he would make a very appropriate light-based window decoration. The decoration is equipped with a suction cup that’s perfect for hanging it at windows. This decoration measures 14 x 0.75 x 18 inches.

Bottom Line

Window Christmas lights are a wonderful decoration to consider for the upcoming holidays because they make the house more festive whether you are standing inside or are looking from the outside. There aren’t that many rules that you have to take into account when choosing window lights, which gives you more freedom to go for models that you find to be appealing. If you’re not sure where to start, consider the tips we provided in the first part of the article and take a look at the second part for more inspiration on what models are currently available on the market.