6 Ways To Save On Lighting Costs

Have you tried many methods to save on lighting costs? Are you tired of following advice from your service provider to save costs, only to receive the same amount on your monthly bill? Do you also want to replace your lighting with safe lighting?

With the ever advancement in evolution of lighting, it can be frustrating to update yourself frequently on saving on lighting costs, yet it can also be the easiest way to cut down on energy costs since anyone can install and replace lights. Some old tips have been abandoned but are still energy efficient compared to modern technology such as Energy Star. Here are some tips that can help you save more and be safe.

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Lights Out!

This tip is an old one, but still the most expedient when all else fails. Light timers can come in handy when scheduling your lighting time. But what if it affects the life span of your lights or you forget to readjust your lighting schedule? The best habit is to turn out the lights when not using them. It only takes little energy consumption to flicker them on and off.

Use Adjustable Lights Or Dimmers

In the event you have to use lights, as in the colder winter months, use dimmer lights more often to reduce energy. There is no rule saying you have to use the full luminescence of lights to keep a room bright. It’s bad for your eyes reading in the dark. But having too much light can also have adverse effects on your eyesight.

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Natural Light

When buying or building a house, see if it’s possible and feasible to install windows and skylights to rooms where you frequent to admit natural light, especially during the warmer months when it gets dark sooner. The most common rooms are the kitchen, living room, recreation room, and den. Plus natural light (sunlight) is still the best source of Vitamin D for your skin.

More Light, Less Heat

It is common knowledge that so many light brands still give off at least 90% in heat. Generating too much heat can skyrocket your electric bill. Varying brands in recent years have improved their energy and light efficiency, so it best to check each brand to see which of their specific products use less heat. Energy Star would be a good place to start.

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Use Incandescent or LED Light Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs and LEDs may initially cost more to buy than CFL lights, but are safer and generate much lower frequency magnetic fields.

Check Around Your House Still

This tip always gets overlooked. Physically check each room and even installed and plugged in fixtures to make sure everything is off. Some lighting appliances controlled by remote may operate independently from the primary lighting system or from light timers and flick back on by themselves. You won’t know until you wake up in the morning or get home from work when you find your lights on. All the extra hours unattended do add to your lighting and energy costs.{picture sources:1 and 2}.