5 Stylish & Cozy Backyard Picnic Themes

Backyard picnics are one of the best parts of the beautiful, springtime weather. Gathering up a basketful of goodies and going outside in the warm sunshine for a light lunch with your loved one or all the kiddos. It’s a wonderful way to create a memory. But, we like to think you’d wanna do it in style too. Whether you’re having the neighbors over for an evening, outdoor picnic or just having a mommy-daughter date, you can create a design-worthy spread every time. Take a look at these ideas for inspiration!

1. Rustic.

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Grab your picnic basket and theme it to be a rustic, simple lunch. Grab some smoked turkey sandwiches and fill the basket with wooden plates and spoons. Use small mason jars to hold your pasta salads or jams and make sure you bring some paper straws for the lemonade! Bring a neutral blanket to cover the grass and you’ll have a neutral, rustic=inspired spread to enjoy.

2. Fairy-tale.

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For something really special, don’t be afraid to “go all out!” For a backyard tea party with your little girl’s friends or even a romantic date night for two, use real furniture, real flowers and beautiful colors. Grab some furniture at the flea market and give it a quick update. Then you’ll have fabulous furniture you can use outside to times like these whenever you want, without worrying about ruining it. Create a floral centerpiece on your own and even bring out the cloth napkins for a nice, fairy-tale enhancement.

3. Watercolor.

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Keep things serene with some soft watercolors. Blues, yellows and creamy ivories will help to create a relaxing backyard escape. Bring a tablecloth or blanket that is full of cool, casual colors with such a few pops of sunny shades to match the atmosphere.

4. Vintage.

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Instead of a picnic basket, grab one of your vintage suitcases instead. It’s adorable, stylish and holds more than you make think! Pack some floral paper napkins, a handful of spray roses and you’ll be able to create a feminine, vintage spread in no time. And maybe add a gorgeous lace tablecloth to amp of the theme.

5. Modern.

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Distinct colors and distinct lines are all a part of the modern look. So when you decide to bring plates and linens with a black and white pairing and sharp prints, you can easily create a sleek, contemporary-flavored picnic. Besides, it doesn’t get anymore stylish and timeless than a black and white duo. Just make sure you bring some apples or a bowl of strawberries for a pop of red!

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