5 modern décor ideas for the kids’ room

Kids will always be one step ahead of us simply because they develop a lot faster in that period and they don’t have the same baggage of knowledge that we have. It’s why kids don’t need to be surrounded by vintage furniture and antiques. A modern décor is the most suitable option for them. So let’s see some tips that can help you create such a décor.

1. Modular and adaptable furniture.

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Kids grow up fast and it’s not worth the trouble to redecorate their room every year. The passage from baby to toddler is one of the most important so it would really help you to opt for modular pieces of furniture that can be repurposed when your kids grow up. For example, some shelves can be used to store toys and then books and a wall unit can also be easily converted in time.

2. Beautiful prints for all ages.

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Prints are a must have, especially in a kid’s room. They make the décor look dynamic and they can completely change the whole atmosphere in the room. Many parents like baby prints because they’re cute but there are also other options that work for both children and adults. A nautical theme or an oversized map are just two examples.

3. Brightly-colored rugs.

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The rug is a great element to introduce color, texture and print into a décor. For a kid’s room, the rug doesn’t necessarily need to have a playful pattern. It can be simple or have a geometrical print. The most important part is, of course, color. The rug should be colorful and bold and it doesn’t even have to match the rest of the décor. It can be an accent piece.

4. Built-in furniture.

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For kids, built-in pieces of furniture are the best choice. They take little floor space and they allow the rest of the room to remain clutter free and to be as a play area. Built-in furniture also allows kids to easily organize their room, to keep it clean and to learn to maintain this appearance. They usually also enjoy to organize their toys, books and other objects the way the like it.

5. Portable furniture pieces.

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All kids tend to make the whole house their playground. If that happens, try not to limit your kids to a single small space but to rather teach him how to play nicely, to be organized and to clean up after he’s finished playing. Portable items such as trunks, baskets, shelves are particularly useful in this case.