Hawaiian Inspiration for a Beach Palm Patchwork Quilt & Sham

If you had a hard day and feel extremely exhausted, perhaps a good shower and a sweet nap would be the perfect antidotes for such a situation. You may go to bed, close your eyes and imagine that you have arrived on a beautiful and relaxing sandy beach where the cooling palm trees and the waves of the sea seem to make you feel like in heaven.

It may be hard to do such an effort and imagine all these things when you feel so tired, but the right bedding may be helpful in this case.You can choose this relaxing and comfortable Beach Palm Patchwork Quilt & Sham that has sun washed prints on it. The design of this colorful bedding was inspired the vintage Hawaiian shirts that have always made you imagine that you are already on an exotic island with some garlands around your neck and dance on some Hawaiian rhythms.

The quilt made of nice cotton voile, filled with cotton will provide the maximum of comfort and relaxation, just like on a hot sandy beach, sitting under the shade of a nice palm tree and surrounded by some exotic and beautifully colored flowers. The colorful nuances of red, orange, white, blue and green and the lovely flowers create an optimistic and warm ambiance that will transform your bedroom into a relaxing and peaceful oasis. The set is machine washable and imported at an attractive price of € 40.84- € 205.43.There are also some other interesting details about this bedding in case you become interested in it.

Boy Bedding with Dinosaurs

I don’t know what it is about dinosaurs and boys but they seem to be really good friends. My little boy has been fascinated by dinosaurs ever since he could walk and talk and now he always carries a dinosaur around by the neck or by its tail. Of course, I am talking about toys shaped like dinosaurs. Even if he knows that dinosaurs are now extinct he still wants them on his clothes and also on his bedding if possible. So I tried to find something funny and useful, too, that would satisfy both our needs. This is how I found this  Boy Bedding with Dinosaurs from Land of Nod.


Colored summer flowers quilted bedding for girls

Although it is still May, people already dream at the beautiful summer days. They think of the sunny days, the relaxing vacations, the hot beaches and the cooling waves of the sea. They already try to make plans and think how they can take advantage of every sunny day.
If you think of your summer vacation too and the lovely activities you can do on a sandy beach while you admire the beautiful sea and you want to feel all these things closer, perhaps the image of a joyful North Shore Quilted Bedding is a solution. Thus you may bring inside your bedroom or your kid’s bedroom the beauty, the dynamism, optimism and joy of these summer days.

It is a hand crafted quilt with images of waves, fish, colored summer flowers, stripes and appliquéd surfboards, surrounded by wavy blue, pink and white borders. Even the choice of colors is a source of happiness and optimism. They will definitely make you feel more relaxed and dynamic.


Nautica Sutter Creek

Any plaid pattern on any cloth reminds me of the kilts the Scots wear so proudly and this bedding is no exception. But it is a pattern I like and admire, so I would love bringing it to my bedroom, too. Besides, all the mix of colours and the checkers are pretty playful and give your bedroom a comforting look. This Nautica Sutter Creek bedding set is perfect for any bedroom and it comes in five pieces, available in King or Queen size, depending on your wish or on your bed size.

As incredible it may sound, the plaid pattern goes very well with the stripes of the pillow cases and the bed sheet. Any  way, the bedding design is important, but I think that the fabric is more important than that , if you want to have a nice and comfortable rest for the night. That is why I should mention that this bedding is entirely made of cotton, with 200 thread count sheets , so it is perfect for the hot summer about to come. It is OK to clean it in the washing machine and you will love having a bedding set that combines comfort, quality and good looks. The item is now available for $229.99.

Savannah Floral Duvet Cover

Men are different from women and this shows from the early times in their lives, ever since they are children. So girls prefer pink and flowers and boys want cars and blue. I don’t know if education is to blame and the fact that we, their parents, teach them that or maybe the fact that they make the difference between sexes this way, but it’s totally true. If you take a little girl shopping and ask her to choose a certain duvet cover in a big shop where you can find dozens of models, you will be surprised to see she will always choose a pink one with many flowers, possibly roses and also ribbons. This Savannah Floral Duvet Cover is illustrative for a girl’s bedding.

This duvet is made  of pure cotton percale, so it is high quality , not just good looking. It is every girl’s dream, as it contains all the necessary ingredients: it is pinkish, it has roses and ribbons and is very nice to touch. It is also very good for children, as it is hypo- allergenic, and is can reverse sides. The pillow cases closes with a ribbon in a very sweet way and you can also choose to personalize every duvet cover with the name of your little girl embroidered on it for $7. The item is safe to wash in the washing machine and you can purchase it now for $26.50 – $109.00, depending on size and also the number of items you want included in the set (the duvet cover, sham and insert sold are separately.

Layered bedding for a cozy spring bedroom

If you want a change of look for your bedroom, maybe you should think of changing the bedding first. After all, the bed is the most important element in that particular room and the way it looks influenced the whole décor. The Layered Bed Look is a collection of duvet covers and shams featuring elegant patterns and chic color combinations.

You can buy the Layered Bed Look as a set or you can purchase the pieces separately for prices between 15.26 and 103.61 euros. This is the rest azure collection. It features nautical-inspired prints and combinations of white and teal or blue. The effect is simple and casual but also stylish and chic. You can opt for the classic stripe duvet cover and matching shams and you can also complete the look with throw and accent pillows featuring similar designs and colors.

Whether you buy the complete set or only individual pieces to complete your already existing collection, the items from this set are all equally stylish and they are guaranteed to offer an elegant bedroom décor. The items you choose to purchase can also be monogramed for an additional $7. The complete look includes a duvet cover available in twin, full/queen and king sizes, shams available in standard and king sizes as well as the euro-sham versions, pillow covers measuring 24’’ square, flat sheets in twin, full, queen, king and cal king sizes, fitted sheets with the same models, pillowcases in different sizes and a throw in two models. All the products are made of 100% cotton and theya re machine washable.

Zebra Kelly Green Pillow

Sometimes I feel I need to make a small change in my home because I get bored easily of seeing the same thing again and again, every day. So if I want to change the general design of a room and bring a breath of fresh air, I first think about the accessories i can get, as i am not willing to make any big and radical changes that easily. So I purchase a fancy wallpaper or maybe an unusual looking vase, But the things that are very easy to replace and also very useful, as you can move them from one room to another are the decorative pillows. This Zebra Kelly Green Pillow is the perfect example.

First of all it is green and has zebras drawn on it, so it will definitely draw everyone’s attention in a moment. It is funny and attractive and brings a touch of colour to any dull room. It is hand printed in Lithuania and it is covered with linen and cotton. It is soft and comfortable and also a very nice accessory for your sofa or bed. If you want a small change in your house, you can purchase it from Dwell Studio for about $72.

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