Green Parish Duvet Cover

Jonathan Adler is a very well-known and powerful name in the world of design and since it is a brand that is known to give high quality products, the customers trust its products. This is how Jonathan Adler has started producing different items that were not necessarily designed by the artist, but that are great. One of them is this Green Parish Duvet Cover. It is beautiful and the nice green patterns on the duvet show amazing taste. The pattern is geometrical and very nice, in nice angles and giving the impression of architecture rather than fabric design.


Hibiscus Pink Lattice Pillow

I don’t know why, but geometrical shapes look so nice and are so decorative. People have used geometrical shapes to decorate their ceramic objects ever since they started making them, a long, long time ago. I guess this is due to the fact that they are so regular and any regular thing suggests perfection. Any way, I prefer these patterns to any floral or other random pattern. This Hibiscus Pink Lattice Pillow is the best example. The small squares that are linked by straight lines look amazing against the hibiscus pink background.

This pillow is able to decorate your living room in a cheerful way, to make it funny and happy, lively and looking so young. The bold colour and the modern pattern are perfect and together they will be the centerpiece of your sofa. The pillow cover is made of cotton, which is great for kids, too, since this is a hypo-allergenic fabric and also very nice to touch, absorbing fluids and keeping cool during summer. There is an “invisible” zipper at the bottom of the pillow and this allows you to remove the pillow case when you want to wash it. The pattern is the same on both sides of the pillow and you can order it online for the fair price of $15 from Pillows for hope.

Construction Zone Bedding for Boys

If you ask a girl about what she wishes to become she will say a princess, a doctor, a dancer or something similar. But boys want to be either super heroes or strong men like firefighters, policemen, astronauts or … constructors. My 4 year old son wanted a tool kit for his birthday with everything in it: a hammer, a screwdriver, a saw and also a hard hat. I guess it’s in their genes. SO all boys love building things. Then I think it would be a great idea to give them what they want, including a Construction Zone Bedding for Boys. It will be perfect for every boy and they will play on it before falling asleep.


Paddy Fox Cushion

People have always been connected to nature and depended on it to survive. But now they have become a bit more independent and estranged from it, but probably the special link with the wild animals and plants are imprinted in our DNA because I can see all children are fascinated by them. We now live in towns and cities and we rarely come across wild animals, but children read stories about them and see them at the zoo, so they keep on being fascinated by them. That is why many manufacturers of kids stuff like bedding, clothes or toys studied them and used animal patterns on their products. This Paddy Fox Cushion is kids’ favourite and they simply love it .

The cushion not only has a fox print on it, but it is shaped like a fox head. This way the children can show their affection to the animal by hugging the cushion and can use it to turn their room into a forest or whatever they imagine. The cushion is soft and comfortable and is made of natural fabrics. The dyes used for the cushion are non toxic and perfectly safe for your kid. The funny cushion that is shaped like a fox head is now available on Urban Outfitters for €34.00.

Unicorn Sham for Kids

Children live in a world of fantasy and they fight dragons and rescue princesses all the time. That is why they love all the fantastic characters that they learn about in their childhood stories and they love having them around all the time. That is why the companies manufacturing kids’ stuff like toys, bags , clothes and even bedding are very careful in choosing the right prints for them. That is why the unicorn seems to be omnipresent and you can see it on so many kids’ things, including this beautiful Unicorn Sham for Kids from Dwell Studio.

The company manufacturing this bedding is considered a leader in the bedding market and offers high quality things with patterns of a unique sense of colour. This sham is made for kids and children and is supposed to be used for a single bed (the dimensions are 20″ x 26″) . It is made of 100% cotton percale which is great for kids because this is a non allergenic fabric. It is also very absorbent and is machine washable, too. The unicorn design is delicate and nice, just like these fantastic creatures and they are coloured in peony . The item’s price is $36 and you can match it with similar design bedding, also available in the manufacturer’s online store.

Bold Red Duvet Cover/Comforter Cover and Sham

I know it is summer now and it is very hot outside, so all the people don’t know what to do to have fewer clothes and stay in the shadow. However, if you live in the mountains, it can be pretty cool, especially at night, so you will surely need to cover yourself with something like this beautiful Bold Red Duvet Cover/Comforter Cover and Sham. First of all it is red. And I like this colour because it makes me feel alive and in love without having to think about it too much.

This bedding is made of 400-thread count cotton percale, so the finest American cotton that you can find and this accounts for high quality of the product. The dimension of this duvet cover is standard, o that it can cover any bed and mattress and this can be only useful. Even if the duvet is red, it can be washed in the washing machine, but make sure you choose a washing programme that requires cool water, so that the colour will not wash out. The bedding item is available in many colours and you can choose if you want a duvet, a comforter cover or a sham and, depending on this information, you will be able to order the item online for a price between $30.99-$126.99 .

Waves pillow

My zodiac sign is cancer, so I am a sign of water. I don’t believe too much in this horoscope thing, but it is true that I like water a lot. I love to swim and to go to the seaside or at least to the swimming pool every time I have the chance. And this is why I though it would be a good idea to arrange my bedroom in a marine design. Once I decided to do this I started looking for the appropriate items that will help me get the wanted design. This Waves pillow is very simple in design, yet it is very beautiful and succeeds to bring a special feature to any bed or bedroom.


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