Tempting Calla Bathtub by Jurii Cegla

Besides the fact that winter holidays bring us a lot of joy and enthusiasm, there many agitated moments that come previously their arrival. These moments are related to things like cleaning the house, prepare the decorations, and find the perfect food and the right Christmas presents.

Perhaps the moments which do not bring us too much joy are related to housekeeping. We try to make every corner of our house to sparkle and have the cleanest place that we have met where we can feel nice, comfortable and safe. These days I was also very busy with things like cleaning the dust, washing the windows checking the wardrobes, rearranging some other places in the house and my list is not over yet. After so much dust and work all I needed was a nice bath a good nap which could make me become a new person.


24 Carat Gold Bathtub by Arcaro Martini

If you love luxury, then you will surely like this next piece. Designed by Giacomo Arcaro and artist Roberto Martini, this bathtub is the world’s first 24 carat gold bathtub. If you want to soak in your own spa, then you just have to take a few steps to your bathroom and you will enjoy a five star spa treatment.

This amazing item is crafted with high quality leather exterior and 24 carat yellow gold interior. It can fit up to six people and is available in three different settings. The bathtub is equipped with lifetime Platinum Elite structure with 5 years warranty for electrical and hydraulic parts and 2 years for the outer coating. Moreover it is embellished with Swarovski crystal and crafted entirely by hand by Italian designers. It also has an audio system with subwoofers, custom massage, aromatherapy, outlet to charge the iPhone and amazing lighting.


Latest Corner bathtubs designed by Teuco

Taking a bath or showering has chenged over the years.The  big tradional bathrooms are slowly changing.The need for space in more and more tight homes make people design things suited for  the current rewuirements.Fabio Lenci designed a tub-shower combination.You no longer have to choose between the functionality of a quick shower of  and the comfort of a bathtub.

Now, you cand have them both.You can take a shower in the morning and then go to work and come by in the evening and take a long relaxing bath as well.Being a conrner whirlpool it is perfectly integrated in thight spaces offering amazing versatility, fittig anywhere.The ergonomic design of these  models make them suited for many types of users, from children to the elderly, and because they take less space than regular bathtub or a shower, it means that they are suited as well for small homes.


The Modern Linea Mode Bathtub

Usually when choosing a new tub for your home there aren’t a lot of things to take into consideration. But that’s only until you see the huge offer and all the different models that are available on the market. Only then you start to realize that it’s a much more complex item that you initially thought.

A bathtub first of all needs to be comfortable. The main reason why people even take baths in the first place is because it allows them to relax and to feel like new again. The Linea Mode definitely has that covered. The other element people usually take into consideration when purchasing a tub is the actual design. They want their bathroom to look beautiful and the bathtub is a big part of that room.


The Elegant Bolla Sfioro Round Bathtub by Franco Bertoli

And just in case you were admiring the chic Linea Mode bathtub presented in one of our articles, we’re back with another one of Franco Bertoli’s creations. The same designer also created the Bolla Sfioro bathtub.

The Elegant Bolla Sfioro Round Bathtub by Franco Bertoli

Bolla Sfioro is a Whirlpool Round Bathtub designed by Franco Bertoli. It’s an unconventional design mostly because of its shape. Bolla Sfiore is a creative bathtub with a very interesting look. It’s a round tub with an impressive and yet delicate design. It successfully combines looks with functionality and comfort. Because of its round shape, this tub allows an exceptional volume of water to be preserved. And because of the disinfection system you can be sure that the water can be used for a long time, always ready, always clean and always to the right temperature thanks to an electronic planning system that uses a timer.


World’s most expensive bathtub sold in Dubai

£ 1 million was the price for this bathtub. It’s called “Le Grand Queen” a name that I still can’t understand because the grammar seems to have taken a break in this case. Anyway, Le Grand Queen was sculpted out of an extremely rare stone that can only be found in the volcanic rocks from Indonesia.

World’s most expensive bathtub sold in Dubai

Some people believe that this material has curative abilities and this has also been an important factor when determining the price of the bathtub. The piece has been sold at the International Jewellery Festival in Dubai. The Caijou bathtub is unique. It’s a very luxurious item, crafted from one of the most powerful healing stones in the world. I guess that’s impressive if you believe in these kinds of things.

Le Grand Queen was the only one of its kind so there will only one person who gets to feel its healing power. Anyway, the Chinese, Egyptian and Arabic antique civilizations believes this stone was very beautiful and indeed had curative powers. They also believe that the stone had stored inside over 100 million years of energy from the earth and from the universe. At least those civilizations didn’t know any better. But, after all, who knows, maybe there is some scientific explanation for all that. Let’s just hope the new owner won’t be disappointed.

Elegant and Relaxing Armchair- Inspired Bath Tub by Thomas Linssen

There are so many ways of relaxation as taking a walk in the park, spending so me nice moments in spa saloon, sitting in a chaise lounge or a rocking chair in front of a fireplace or watching TV, reading your favorite book or just taking a bath in your lovely and relaxing bathroom.Perhaps a hot bath in your private bathroom is one of the most relaxing ways. All you need is to prepare your hot water in your bath tub, some perfumed oils and perhaps some scented candles that might create a romantic atmosphere too.

Thomas Linssen, a Dutch designer of Studio Thol thought of these relaxing moments that you can spend in a bath tub as the nice moments that you spend in a comfortable armchair in your lovely living room.


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