Bathroom Vanities

Old World-Influenced Bathroom Vanities

Maybe it’s because bathrooms are typically sleek and sterile environments, or maybe it’s because we WANT them to be so. Bathroom vanities are a perfect place to bring in some variety – rich texture, a sense of history, and some contrasting color – amid the modern fixtures that make up a bathroom today. Bathroom vanities with an old-world influence are a particularly stylish way to do this.

Isn’t this carved stone sink impressive? Set atop a chunky, historic-looking pedestal makes the sink’s presence very powerful in the space. A wall-mounted faucet and handles are designed to replicate an old world water fountain.


Luxurious Cameo leather washbasin

Leather furniture is not what you usually expect to see in a bathroom. However, for those who seek a more classy and stylish look for this particular part of the house, there are also more luxurious options. The Cameo washbasin is one such example. The elegant Cameo washbasin was designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati for Ypsilon, the same as the GEM washbasin, another unique and very beautiful piece that we presented in another one of our articles.

Cameo is a very elegant and beautiful piece of furniture that would instantly transform your bathroom into a more stylish space. The Cameo washbasin is available either with padded or quilted front. It has an elegant and delicate shape.The washbasin is crafted from wood and it features a marble top is different hues. It has functional drawers lined in velvet with elegant trimmings. The drawers are very useful for storing bathroom supplies and other small items. Still, with such an elegant look both inside and out, it’s hard to dare touching them.


Fresca Bellezza Natural Wood Vessel Sinks Vanity

I have seen many colours chosen by different people for their bathroom vanities. They range from vivid red to fading white , from elegant black to delicate pink. But somehow I seem to prefer natural wood. I think it is due to the fact that this gives the impression of nature and natural and wood has such a great natural colour! It is warm and light and makes you feel “at home”. This Fresca Bellezza Natural Wood Vessel Sinks Vanity is actually a whole set of items for your bathroom. First of all you have the wooden sink vanity that is “floating”, meaning it is fixed in the wall instead of being placed on the floor.

It is used for storing different items you can need in the bathroom but saving space at the same time in a small apartment. Then there is the elegant and classy marble top that is water resistant and so beautiful that it makes me think I can see a sculpture by Michelangelo raising from its interior. It looks so great when combined with the natural wood of the vanity and the white porcelain bathroom sinks! Any way, you can choose the number and combination of drawers and doors, if you want only one sink or two and if the finish is to be oak tree wood or not. The set is available for $1,599 from List Vanities.

Brown Fairmont Half Moon Bay Vanity

A great alternative to usual bathrooms and bathroom components, and I focus  especially  on dull sanitary objects and furniture that comes along with them  are these  custom made objects that fulfills your architectural and design needs. To support this idea and to help putting it  into practice manufactures like Fairmont design objects that look like no other. This particularly item is called Half Moon Bay and it’s a striking piece of furniture inspired by the old cabinets used by our  ancestors  to hide and cover various plumbing fixtures. The idea was to bring back a period’s charm and to mix it with the modern living conditions and design trends.

The result is amazing and the effect created in the room is of a sophisticated ambiance . When I first looked at this I got the chills, because my first impression was of nobility. The ambiance created by this superb piece is similar to a place where somebody tries to preserve a certain look but where modern pieces are embedded to achieve the necessary nowadays  comfort standards, that is why I thought about nobility.

I imagined a castle where people still live in and where if the interior would look modern it would definitely lose its charm. The high quality materials and the half moon door pulls polished in a chrome finish, along with a few details the completes the transformation of your bathroom in a stunning  beauty.Available at Quality Bath for $911.

Cute Cow Bathroom Fixtures by Artceram

Kids love animals of any kind: dogs, cats, elephants, horses, mice and the list can go on with hens, cocks, geese, ducks, rabbits, parrots or frogs. They love their funny appearance and the specific noise they make.

Cow Bathroom Fixtures by Artceram

My little girl loves animals too and the moment we took her at the country side she became unstoppable. She made me run after hens, cocks, geese, cats and pay a visit to the dog that was barking there. She is not afraid of them like I am .The moment I here a dog burking, my legs began to tremble. For the contrary, my little girl is amused by its bark and she laughs a lot when she hears it.


Tempered Glass Vessel Sink for a fresh and modern look

You might not realize, it but people spend significant amounts of time in the bathroom and they perceive it as the ultimate intimate location. It’s only natural to try to create a pleasing décor in there. For those who are currently renovating and even for those who just want to make a change in their homes, we just stumbled across a very delicate and beautiful vessel sink that seems perfect for just about any type of décor.

Vanity Bathroom Bath Sink Premium Quality

This Tempered Glass Vessel Sink features a stylish and chic design, with soft curved lines and a delicate silhouette. Match it with an equally gracious vessel sink faucet and it will look even better. You’ll also have to place it on something because it can’t just be suspended or mounted on the wall.

I particularly like this design because it seems so delicate and innocent, so stylish and fragile when it’s actually quite strong and durable and one of the most versatile products there are. It features a ½’’ thickness. This gracious sink is available for the price of $34.95. You can also use the opportunity to browse through some faucet options and find something matching and equally beautiful. The product is easy to install and it offers high quality for a reasonable price. There’s also a similar design but in clear glass, in case you prefer that one.

Antique sink cabinet

Antique furniture is always beautiful. It adds class and elegance to any interior. This is valid for basically any room of the house, even for the bathroom. This antique chest is a living proof for this affirmation. It’s a chest or a cabinet that also includes a sink on top. It was designed for elegant bathrooms that needed a vintage touch.

antique chest with sink

The chest is both stylish and functional. Besides the fact that it’s also a sink, this antique chest also includes plenty of storage space. It features two drawers and two doors for items like toothbrushes, toiletries or other small items. As for the materials used, the chest is almost entirely made of wood. It also has a marble veneer top and brass sink fixtures, carved cabriole leg and a beautiful antique finish.

The overall dimensions of this antique beauty are 36 1/2 x 20 1/2 – 41 3/4 H. It’s a relatively small item so it could be included in almost any bathroom. Lace a matching mirror above it and maybe some candleholders on the sides and you get a romantic atmosphere. It might be a little difficult to find matching elements to go with this piece but try to find something made of wood or that replicates wood texture and go with warm colors and vintage patterns.Available here.

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