Zoomorphic Furniture And Accessories For Kids And Adults Alike

We’re curious by nature and we’re fascinating by everything that’s different than us. The animal kingdom has been a source of inspiration for lots of things, including some really interesting furniture and home accessories. One such collection was designed by Benoît Convers. It’s called Mobilier de Compagnie and it includes animal-shaped furniture and accessories. The zoomorphic furniture is definitely unusual and intriguing, being loved by kids in particular. Consider some of these unique pieces the next time you decorate with kids in mind.

Ibride chairView in gallery

One of the furniture pieces included in the collection is the Diva table which is shaped like the bottom portion of an ostrich. Diva Lucia is a variation of the table which also includes a table lamp that completed the form. The body of the lamp becomes the neck of the ostrich and the lampshade its head.

Ibride Junior bearView in gallery

Junior is a cute freestanding shelving unit shaped like a bear. It comes in brown, mat gray and white and it features open storage compartments for books and small objects. Use it as an accent piece in the kids’ room or as a divider in the playroom.

Ibride FaustoView in gallery

The Fausto shelving unit is probably the most dramatic and eye-catching piece in the collection. Shaped like a goat standing on two feet, the unit rests against the wall and offers storage on the sides and back.

Juno Lamp from Ibride

The collection also includes smaller things like this playful Junon lamp. It measures 95 cm in height and this makes it a good floor lamp option for cozy reading corners or playrooms.

Diva from IbrideView in gallery

The body of the lamp is shaped like a goose with the lampshade being the head. It comes in dark brown, white and pink, each version featuring a matching lampshade.

Ibride JunoView in gallery

The lamp stands on two feet and offers small storage compartments for little toys and other things. It could be a nice companion for the workspace or the craft room.

Alfred JunoView in gallery

Other interesting accessories include a series of crow-shaped decorations. They each have interesting names such as Gutav, Edgar, Alfred or Adam. The crows are displayed in a variety of positions, both standing and flying.

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This is Edgar, a stylish accent piece designed to match the rest of the collection in terms of style and construction techniques. Display it on your ostrich-shaped console table, on the desk or on a shelf.

Diva and juno lampView in gallery

Edgar or any other crow in the collection can also be a companion for the lovely Junon lamp. You can display them together and they could have matching colors. They could also complement each other and the rest of the decor.