ZOKU – A New Type Of Hotel For Traveling Professionals

Every hotel has something that makes it stand out. In most cases, it’s the little things that do this. But in some special cases, it’s the whole concept on which the hotel is based that stands out as original and different. A good example would be ZOKU which introduces a new concept in the hotel industry.


The first ZOKU property will open in Amsterdam in the fall of 2015. It will offer the services of a hotel and the comfort of a home. The hotel will include 133 ZOKU lofts and 500 square meters of living space for its guests. There are two types of lofts with different layouts but the same features and they’re designed by concrete.


This is an example of a ZOKU loft. It’s a 25 square meter (269 square foot) space and it’s a hybrid micro apartment which offers both living and working conditions. The loft includes a compact kitchen, a recessed work area and a slide-out staircase as well as several other interesting elements.


The space is divided into two zones. One is a functional space and the other one is a living area. In between them is a built-in unit.; this unit contains the bathroom on one side and an alcove desk on the other side. This unit shapes the room and also contains lots of hidden storage and multifunctional features.


Around the corner is a small kitchen with built-in appliances, open shelves and all the essentials in one place. The design is very compact but practical and functional enough for the loft. On the other side is an interesting combination of shelves, wardrobe compartments, a TV and a retractable staircase.


The staircase slides in and out to either make room for something else or to offer access to the upper area. It’s a clever and ingenious feature meant to increase the functionality of the loft. It offers access to a sleeping area. Wooden screens can hide this space when needed, such as when guests come over or when a more formal ambiance is preferred in the living area.


The interior of the sleeping area is very simple, only equipped with the basic elements but with an overall very comfortable and relaxing ambiance and decor. The wooden panels are not only hiding this area so that it doesn’t become visible from the living area but they also make the sleeping area itself feel cozier and more inviting.


The rest of the social area features a fabric sofa complemented by colored accent pillows, a chic floor lamp and a wall-mounted shelf decorated with modern framed artwork. An area rug delimitates the space and a small coffee table with a round top completes the décor.


There’s also a four-person table with a simple and versatile design. It can be used in a variety of ways such as for work purposes or as a desk, as a dining table or when entertaining guests.


The ZOKU loft is modern, compact, with a hybrid design and a versatile layout. It was designed for traveling professionals and can be rented for a single night or for longer periods from 5 nights to several months in the case of those who want to extend their stay and to spend that period in a comfortable environment that makes them feel more at home and less like in just a regular hotel room.