ZigZag outdoor furniture from Kettal

I come back with some more outdoor furniture from Kettal, this time I will show the ZigZag collection by the Emiliana Design Studio.The collection includes braided outdoor flowerpot holders,comfortable puffs, porcelain oil lamps and tables that double up as fires… such are the pieces that bring any outdoor space to life. Kettal ZigZag Fire is an aluminium and ceramic coffee table that can easily be turned into a fireplace or barbecue.

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These furniture pieces from Kettal have an unique shape and look and they are absolutely amazing both as design and as materials. They are perfect to be used in any garden patio and even on the beach or in any other outdoor location. They bring a bit of the old traditions of braiding natural fibres in order to get the furniture you need, but this time the materials differ a bit, being more resistant and weather proof.

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The combination of materials is daring like the coffee table that uses ceramic combined with aluminum and gets a wonderful outcome. ANd the mix of of styles from traditional and even ancient to the very modern and also the multifunctional pieces of furniture make this collection unique.