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Zero-G Hose Review – For More Than Just Your Garden

When it comes to choosing a garden hose, most individuals tend to just purchase the cheapest garden hose or the one that looks the best. Fast forward a couple of weeks later, and they’re dealing with leaks, kinks, and all sorts of other issues. Purchasing the right garden hose is essential, and can make a whole lot of difference in the long-run.

Zero-G Hose Review

Here, we’ll be providing a detailed review of the Zero-G water hose – one of the most popular hoses in the market. We’ll also provide you with some alternative options. Before we provide the review, however, we’ll talk a little bit about a few things you should consider when it comes to purchasing a garden hose. 

What to Consider


The first thing you’d need to think about is the length. Garden hoses come in different lengths from 25 to 100-feet. While it’s tempting to purchase the longest hose and use it for your watering needs, that may not be the right choice. Not only are longer hoses more expensive, they’re also bulkier and more cumbersome to move around. To figure out the length that you need, you should measure the farthest distance away from your spigot and buy a hose that goes just a little further than that. 

If you plan on using the garden hose for a deck or balcony, a 25-foot garden hose usually works just fine. Most home yards only need a 50-foot hose, and if you need something longer, you can consider connecting two hoses instead of lugging around a heavier longer hose. 

Water Flow

The next thing to think about is water flow. You should aim to get a hose with a width of a five-eighths inch as it’ll provide you with a combination of water flow and pressure without being too heavy. If you want something lighter, you can opt for a half-inch hose – though they won’t carry as much water and are more suited to light-duty gardening tasks. 


Hoses are usually made with either rubber, vinyl, or a combination of both. Vinyl hoses are the least expensive and most lightweight, but it isn’t as sturdy. It’s more prone to kinking and can degrade quickly if left in harsh weather. They are, however, good options for those that are on a tight budget. 

Rubber hoses, on the other hand, are the strongest and last the longest but they can be heavy and hard to maneuver around the garden. What’s excellent about rubber, however, is that it can hold hot water, is less likely to kink, and won’t fall apart as quickly. 

Finally, there are garden hoses made with a combination of both materials. These can take higher water pressure levels and are usually more resistant to kinking and splitting. As a word of caution, however, combination hoses don’t produce water that’s safe for drinking as they’re generally made of polyurethane. 


When it comes to selecting your garden hose, you’d also want to take a look at burst pressure. If you’re using a hose nozzle or a sprinkler, you should have a burst pressure above 350 psi.


Flexibility is also crucial when it comes to selecting your garden hose. It shouldn’t kink easily as that can lead to splitting. If you can, try to test out the hose and see if you’re able to bend it into a U, if it kinks give it a pass and look for another one.

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what you should look for when it comes to purchasing a garden hose let’s delve into the review of the Zero-G hose.

The Zero-G Hose 

Flexi Hose Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

If you enjoy gardening and have a bigger backyard at home, the Zero-G hose is a perfect buy. As it’s lightweight, you won’t have to worry about dragging a heavy hose around and running out of breath. It’s also suited to professional groundskeepers, and individuals that want a hose to use with pressure washers or other high-pressure accessories.

Here’s a snapshot of the pros and cons of the Zero-G hose before we talk about the benefits: 


  • Incredibly lightweight – especially in comparison to commercial vinyl hoses 
  • Abrasion, leak and puncture-resistant 
  • Kink-resistant 
  • Drinking water safe and does not expand or retract 


  • Not easy to wind up 
  • Not that easy to maneuver
  • Some issues with leaking 

Features and Benefits 

The Zero-G hose comes with plenty of features and benefits that make it an excellent purchase for anyone that loves to garden. 


One of the biggest pros of this particular hose is how lightweight it is. Carrying a hose around the garden can be incredibly tiring, and the Zero-G hose has managed to resolve that issue by creating a product that’s half the weight of a regular hose.


Thanks to the product’s advanced technology, the hose doesn’t kink and remains flexible even in cold weather. That means you won’t have to undo knots while you’re going about your gardening tasks. Kinking is usually a problem with hoses that aren’t made of the right material, but that’s not something you’d need to worry about with the Zero-G hose. 

Easy to store 

Even though the Zero-G hose may be kink-resistant, it’s easy to roll up and store. While the Tru-Flex Inner Core prevents kinking, it’s still flexible enough to be tightly wound if needed. You can bend it to 36 degrees, and reel it onto an outdoor hose reel to save some space. 

Resists leaks and punctures

Another great feature of the Zero-G hose is its G-Force High-Density Jacket feature that provides durability that’s equal to commercial-grade hoses. That means you can also use this hose for commercial purposes, and you won’t have to worry about it tearing or leaking. 

As a bonus, the materials used in the outer jacket of the hose is also resistant to chemicals so you can pull it on the ground and you won’t have to worry about the hose being damaged. 

600 PSI Burst Rating 

It’s rare to be able to find a hose with a 600 PSI burst rating, but the Zero-G hose provides precisely that. It’s perfect if you’ve got to pressure wash driveways, or if you just want a hose that can support a high level of water pressure. 

Consistent water flow 

Even though you can purchase the hose in three different lengths, the water pressure from each of these different lengths are consistent. That means that they’re all suited for various functions, and you can use them to water your lawn, wash the car etc. 

Drinking water safe 

As mentioned earlier, some hoses are made with harmful materials that could seep into the water and make it not suitable for drinking. With the Zero-G hose, that’s not something you need to worry about as the metal fixings are lead-free. That means you can always drink some water from the hose or fill up your pet’s bowl without worrying about a thing. 

Crush-proof fixtures

What’s great about the Zero-G hose is that it comes with patented crush-proof couplings. This means that it can withstand up to 900 pounds of weight and will still keep their shape and integrity. This is a handy feature for those that are working in a high transit area. 

Great price 

Even though the Zero-G hose may be a little more expensive than your regular garden hose, it’s still significantly cheaper than a commercial-grade hose. Since it also comes with numerous features, it’s definitely worth the slightly more expensive price tag. 

Customer Reviews

The Zero-G hose is rated highly, and plenty of customers have given it rave reviews. Those that have purchased the hose really love all of the features it comes with. Some particular features highlighted by customers include the durable material of the hose, being drinking water safe, and the ability to roll it up and place it into a bucket. Others also appreciate that it’s lightweight, easy to maneuver around and has no leaks. 

Perhaps the only downfall that some customers have mentioned is that the hose can kink from time to time – but only if the tap is opened all the way, or if you’re using the hose under lower pressure. 

Alternatives To Zero-g hose

If you’d like to take a look at some other options, we’ve provided a brief review of 3 other highly rated hoses in the market.

1. Triple Hose Garden Hose

Flexi Hose Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

This particular garden hose comes with numerous features that make it a great contender. Not only is it strong and durable, but it can also handle water pressures of up to 170 PSI. It’s made with triple latex core, a nylon cover along with solid brass fixtures for extra durability. When it comes to storing your hose, your purchase comes with a complimentary storage bag for your convenience. 

Other great features of this garden hose include being expandable in length – from 16 inches to 50 inches and being easy to use. There’s also a spray nozzle with eight different spray patterns for all your gardening needs. Those that have purchased it mentioned that it’s lightweight and strong, with solid fittings and no leaking. They also like how it takes up very little room. Perhaps the downfall of this hose, however, is that individuals mentioned that the water flow isn’t great, and the spray nozzle isn’t fantastic. 


  • Strong and durable 
  • Comes with a complimentary storage bag 
  • Expandable in length 
  • Takes up very little room 


  • Water flow isn’t great 

2. GrowGreen Garden Hose

Flexi Hose Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

Another fantastic garden hose is this GrowGreen garden hose that can expand up to three times its size when under water pressure. Once you’ve emptied the water, you can easily store your hose with no issues at all. It also comes with a high-pressure hose spray nozzle with eight different patterns and is both durable and corrosion resistant. Since the hose is made with a latex material, it’s also designed not to burst, leak or break. 

In terms of customer reviews, individuals have mentioned that it comes in a great size and length, and they like how there are different nozzles. Others also said that it’s lightweight, kinkle-free, and like how there’s a valve to stop the flow of water even if you aren’t using the included nozzle. Some customers have mentioned, however, that it isn’t very durable, and they’ve had to deal with a considerable number of leaks. 


  • Expands up to 3 times its size 
  • Comes with a high-pressure hose spray nozzle 
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant 
  • Comes in a great size and length 


  • Isn’t as durable as some of the other hoses 

3. Flexi Hose Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

Flexi Hose Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

Finally, you’ve got the Flexi Hose – one of the most advanced garden hoses on the market. T’s 100 feet in length but is also lightweight and made with high-quality materials. Due to its construction, the hose doesn’t tangle, twist or kink. It also comes with brass connectors and a double latex pipe for durability along with an on/off valve. It’s also meant to withstand high temperatures and water pressures. 

Thanks to its expanding design, usage and storage are easy, and your purchase comes with an 8-pattern rotating nozzle that’s made out of zinc alloy and an ergonomic handle. This product has garnered relatively good reviews, and customers mentioned that it’s lightweight, easy to move around, and easy to store. While there are great reviews, quite a few customers have also said that they’ve run into issues such as limited water pressure and flow. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Made with high-quality materials 
  • Doesn’t tangle or twist 
  • Withstands high temperatures 


  • Limited water pressure and flow 


We hope that this article was helpful, and you’ve got a better idea of the Zero-G garden hose along with the factors you should take into consideration when selecting your hose. In terms of products, all of the hoses listed above come with excellent reviews. They do however have slight differences between them, depending on the features that you’re looking for. No matter which garden hose you choose, you’re sure to have a great gardening experience.