Zen LED Outdoor Lamp

Chinese and Japanese cultures and civilizations are admirable and millennia long. So you may consider them experts in what their tradition has brought to the present day. I mean they are experts in fighting techniques like karate and Kung Fu, but they are also masters of Zen philosophy which basically teaches you to find your inner peace and meditate and to admire the simple things around you. They use simple, but very well designed accessories like Zen gardens or rock formations and so on. This is actually the source of inspiration for this amazing Zen LED Outdoor Lamp.

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This lighting device looks just like a Zen pile of rocks that you can normally find in Zen gardens. However, it is a waterproof, wireless, rechargeable and energy efficient lantern and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. It works on LED lights , so you can move it any time you want.

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It can also resist in any kind of weather and stand shocks that may appear when moving it around. It is available in three pre-defined colours – blue, green and red, but you can choose the colour sequence to change automatically or maybe to see a candle effect of yellow light. Its light can last up to 20 hours until re-charged and can be purchased for $191.23.