Z Bar by Kenneth Cobonpue

Z bar by Kenneth Cobonpue is created using steel and hand tied bamboo with rattan to create a cocoon like shape. The cocoon shape is exclusively decorated with interesting furniture. The cushions and seats are quite different from the ordinary.

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The atmosphere inside the bar is magical and completely supports drinking and fun activities. The use of interesting lamp and light design with amazing sofa seats is something that will arrest your attention at the very first look.

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The gorgeous design that you can see in these pictures is created by the Philippine designer Kenneth Cobonpue. The Z Bar that is situated in the city of Cebu is one of his projects and he did a great job there. Z bar is considered to be one of the first organic bars in the world because all the furniture in this bar and also the decorations are entirely organic.

The furniture is made of ratan and all the bamboo twigs used to embellish the intricate metallic network that is woven around the bar make the atmosphere spectacular, but natural. All the material used for the interior design there are natural and obtained by the designer after a model that he patented under the name of Kriskros.