You’ve Got Mail: 10 Weird and Wonderful Mailbox Ideas

Your mailbox is the first feature of most homes. When people enter your property this will be where their eyes are initially averted too. Most people opt for a standard mailbox; a red or black box with the words ‘MAIL’ written on the top. But there are those who have put their creativity to the test and come up with weird yet undeniably wonderful mailbox ideas. Take a look…

1) Turtle Mailbox.


Do you remember the days of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? This home owner was clearly a fan! One thing’s for sure; no one will attempt to get their hands on your mail with a Ninja Turtle standing guard.

2) Diver Mailbox.

Poshtenski sandacinj

Creative, clever and colourful; this mailbox will undoubtedly put a smile on the postman’s face when he delivers the letters every morning! Note how the breathing apparatus is used to open the mailbox!

3) Log Cabin Mailbox.


Now your letters have their very own home! The only problem is; this home is so beautiful your mail is probably living a life of luxury that outshines your own.

4) Cowboy Mailbox.

Cowboy mailbox1

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West! This cowboy mailbox possesses a lovable rustic feel with an added slice of fun too. This is the sort of mailbox which somehow manages to give off character and humour without looking ridiculous!

5) Computer Mailbox.

Computer mailbox

The irony of this mailbox makes it truly brilliant. After all, the computer is said to be replacing the letter as more and more people choose to send emails.

6) Gun Mailbox.

Mailbox gun

If the postman has annoyed you lately then he is certainly going to get a fright when he turns up to see this mailbox in your garden!

7) Giraffe Mailbox.

Girafe mailbox

Someone clearly got sick of their letters overflowing out of their mailbox, or perhaps they are just a lover of giraffes; whatever the reason may be, you can’t deny that this is a rather random choice of mailbox. But it’s still creative, eye-catching, and has a presence big enough to match that of the wildlife animal itself!

8) Mannequin Mailbox.

Women mailbox

This mailbox truly defines the word ‘odd’ yet that’s what makes it genius. You don’t quite know what the mannequin is meant to represent, you don’t know why this design has been chosen, you don’t understand the bright blue colour – but you don’t care, because the complete randomness of the whole thing is what makes it so funny.

9) Tiki Mailbox.

Tiki mailbox

It doesn’t get much more imaginative than this! This Tiki Mailbox is made from an old palm tree stump. Impressive. right?

10) Rear End Mailbox.

Rear mailbox

Well, err… there’s not a lot that can be said about this mailbox is there? Weird – tick. Wonderful – you be the judge of that.