10 Tips To Master Your Modern Photo Wall

Modern decorating can be beautiful but difficult to find inspiration, mostly because many people think that modern means minimal. That is untrue. Modern styling incorporates simple colors, clean lines and smooth textures, but there’s no one that says you should skip the wall art to have a modern living room. In fact, having a photo wall can increase the modern vibes you’re going for in your home. There are even several ways to do it. Check out these 10 tips to master your own modern photo wall and you’ll see the immediate effect it has on your space.

Matching frames photo wall

One of the easiest ways to create a modern photo wall is to look to the gallery walls you already have. Put all your pictures and prints in matching frames and suddenly they’ll look clean and modern. (via Design Sponge)

Monochrome colors photo wall

When choosing your pieces for your photo wall, sometimes it’s a good idea to keep things pretty monochrome. Choose one color and be sure all your prints match that. It will add interest to your space without being too distracting. (via ELLE)

Black and white photo wall

Black and white is a classic color scheme for modern homes. If you’re worried about what a pop of color will do to your space, keep all your prints on the black and white scale. You’ll find you won’t run out of options. (via The Design Chaser)

Black and white instagram wall

Instagram can definitely be your best friend, even if your home is a modern paradise. Choose your favorite Insta snaps and get the printed in small black and white squares. Then just arrange in your home for a lovely cube effect. (via Decozilla)

Invisible line photo wall

If you’re putting your photo wall above a couch or mantle, give yourself an invisible line for the base and build up. The arrangement itself will be something of a work of art. (via Facilisimo)

Minimal lines picture wall

Many modern homes do display simplicity in it’s best form and it doesn’t stop with the furniture. Collect pictures that are simple sketches and black lines for your photo wall. These prints are perfect for a bedroom or bathroom, spaces you go to relax. (via Pepino Home Decor Design)

Modern picture ledge wall

Leaning towards a photo wall on picture ledges? Go for it! When your prints are all the same color, you can layer and arrange and change at will and it will look great, no matter how you place them. (via Casa Haus)

Abstract art photo wall

Every so often, you find that one piece of art that just calls your name. Splurge on your favorite abstract piece and include it among your black and white prints. I promise, you’ll find that pop of color just what you’re living room needed. (via My Unfinished Home)

Symmetrical photo wall

Many modern homes focus on order and function. Give yourself both with a symmetrical photo wall. With a wall of square frames, you can easily replace and update your photos as needed. (via Becki Owens)

Giant modern photo wall

A photo wall doesn’t need to be in gallery wall form to be called such. Feel free to blow up your favorite pictures or prints and hang them in large sizes in your living room. It will resonate with the modern simplicity of your home. (via @chrislovesjulia)