Your Fresh Patio Furniture

With the changing of the seasons and the warming of the weather, many of us turn our focus from decorating the interiors of our homes to the great outdoors. Our lawns get some much-needed TLC, our porches get cleared of debris, and our patio furniture makes its annual debut. This is the year for your patio furniture to shine! Forget about having tired, old, sorry-looking furniture outside this spring and summer. Think fresh, inviting, and fun…so you actually want to sit and enjoy the beautiful yard you’re working so hard to create. Here are some inspiring ideas for having fresh patio furniture this year:

A Bold Paint Job.

Patio design

Paint it all in a single bold, fresh color. This particular patio set could be 100 years old, for all we know, but it looks like it came from the store this morning. Even if you have a hodge-podge set of patio furniture, but painting them the same color will transform them into a unique and delightful unit. This strategy works particularly well with wrought iron pieces, although make sure you scour off any rust and clean the pieces beforehand. I like how this creates an instant outdoor colorway.{found on familyleisure}.

A Bold Paint Job, Take 2.

Patio design

Paint it all, but use a rainbow of colors to do so. Even if your patio furniture is small, or if pieces are few, painting the old pieces out is probably the easiest and fastest facelift you can do. I like how the different colors here actually emphasize the details of the pieces themselves, as each one stands out on its own. As a whole, the set is cheerful, friendly, and fun, and the entire outdoor space looks like a flowering garden even though, honestly, actual flowers are scarce here.{found on tumbleweedcontessa}.

A Large, Interesting Rug.

Patio design

Add an outdoor rug amid your outdoor furniture arrangement for a simple and immediate facelift. Something about recreating an actual living space outdoors is highly appealing, especially during the spring/summer months when weather is beautiful and evenings couldn’t be spent in a more pleasant place. A rug pulls tired old furniture into a cozy, comfortable unit, creating a conversational space out of pieces that may or may not match.{found on cococoozy}.

Comfortable Cushions.

Patio design

Add new padding to your old outdoor furniture by way of fresh cushions. Be sure to use outdoor fabric if they will be exposed to the elements. One beauty of doing cushions in an outdoor space is that they don’t have to match identically to look great; simply coordinate the pillows and cushions outside as you would inside your home. Muted stripes and simple geometric prints, like these here, will always work well on scrolly-style patio furniture.

Make a Long-Term Initial Investment.

Patio design

To keep from scrambling every year for furniture makeovers, or to ensure that you like your patio furniture enough to actually use it, make sure that you get items that will stand the test of time, both stylistically and functionally. Purchase (or build) clean-lined patio furniture to begin with, so it never goes out of style and will look fresh and modern year after year. Change up the look with different colors of throw pillows if you want, but the basic furniture can stay the same and be just as pleasing next year as this year.{found on blasengardens}.