Young Couple House in Zapopan, Mexico

When you first see this house, there are 99% chances to fall in love with it. It is probably among the most succesful examples of contemporary residences located in Zapopan, Mexico. It is definitely the ideal home, in its cheerful appearance and everything seems to exist in order to prove it.And is an awesome project made by Agraz Arquitectos.

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The project was designed in order to enhance the local tradition of building the house around a central yard. There are obviously three perfect levels : the basement with the garage, the service area and the play room. The first floor is the one providing great views of the surrounding area, the second is the space that offers privacy and everything seems to prove it, while the third is a place designed for spending time in a pleasant atmosphere.

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There is a connection between all the levels of the house and it is related to the stairway and the central wall. There is a general inpression of open space, of transparency which makes people feel comfortable. At the same time there is a superposition of transparency and opaqueness that results in extra space and at the same time, creatingan agreement between people and environment.

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The building is modern, luxurious, but simple and both the inside and the outside are everything a person could dream for: a wide place with modern furniture, elegant surroundings, a great mixture of glass, wood, perfecly chosen decorative elements which animate the atmosphere.