You Had No Idea This Color Was So Amazing

Many designers love using dramatic colors that inspire, intrigue, and excite their clients. Yet, there is one color that many people are afraid to use on their walls, one color that very few people can envision in a space. It’s not hard to guess which color it is. Think of the last color you’d ever use to cover an entire room. Still guessing? Okay, we’ll tell you: black.

Black bedroom living

Now, we know that many people have started using chalkboard paint for different projects, but painting your walls or ceiling black takes some serious guts. This isn’t for a quick DIY chalkboard paint project to write your grocery list on for fun. This decision is for the big leagues, and it has to be decided with 100% certainty.

Part of the reason people are so hesitant to take the plunge is because they are typically focused on making their space seem larger than it is. They want bright colors, natural light, and soothing fabrics to make their homes seem bigger and airier. So, why choose a color that sucks in light and can darken a room?

Well, there’s a simple answer. When done correctly, this color can look absolutely incredible. And, if it can be offset or framed with a crisp, bright color like white or off white, the effect can be unforgettable.

Black bedroom living
Designer Rob Southern, House Beautiful.

The lacquered look is so hot right now, and the incredible designer of the room above took a risk with the color black that paid off. As you can see, black walls look amazing with white accessories, making them pop off the walls.

Black bedroom living
Folly Farm by architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, featured in Elle Decor.

This gorgeous room is impressive because of its height. Again, the white arched ceiling and luxurious crown molding help to frame the black walls. There’s nothing dark about this room, which is surprising given the wall color. Sum, it’s simply stunning and truly a work of art.

Black bedroom living
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine,

As this inspiration photo shows, the darkness of the black walls can be offset with glass or Lucite furniture, which helps the room to still feel spacious. Additionally, the modern gold and glass bookshelves are an excellent pairing to the dark wall, giving this room an eclectic, modern, and traditional feel all in one.

Black bedroom living
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If you love to sleep in, consider painting your walls black in addition to purchasing black out blinds. The designer of this bedroom embraced the color by also choosing black furniture and accessories. You can especially appreciate the attention to detail since the doorframe is painted black as well.

What these beautiful inspiration photos show you as a whole is how inspiring it can be to take a risk in design. While you may have never considered using black as a color on the walls, now you can see how it can change the entire feel of a room for the better.