Yoran Morvant’s Pierres Graphiques

I don’t really believe in my horoscope or the fact that Cancer is influenced by the Moon or Pisces by the sea and so on. But I did feel an irresistible attraction to all kinds of stones since I was a little girl. My mother was desperate to see me gathering stones and collecting them at home, observing them for hours. I admit I like them and I keep some in the house even now, a lot later. I think that the right shaped stone which also has a particular colour can be really decorative and can bring a fresh aspect to a home, especially a living room. These Yoran Morvant’s Pierres Graphiques are the perfect illustration of my thoughts.

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The name of the collection is in French and it means “graphical stones” which is an explanations of what they are. These are stones that the designer painted and covered with incredible symmetrical and geometrical patterns like circles with rays inside. Yoran Morvant has a special vision and chooses each stone carefully, applying each design depending on the stone structure. These stones are perfect for your home and bring some special features to it. You can buy one such stone for about $100 from Ashes and Milk.