Yellow Treehouse Restaurant from New Zealand

I do not want to dig deep into the details of how the permission for a tree restaurant was granted in Auckland, New Zealand at all. The purpose here (as always) will remain to admire the architectural brilliance and in this case, Pacific Environments Architects take the laurels.  It is like reviving the childhood dreams and here is an opportunity to live the dream by dining in the tree house. The access to this amazing tree restaurant is through a 60m tree-top walkway which in itself is an adventure. The tree restaurant appears like a brimming beacon of light and comparisons can also be drawn with a sea shell.

Treehous6ecollageView in gallery

This is truly unique restaurant. We’ve seen underwater restaurants, so it’s only natural to see tree house restaurants too.  It’s a very original idea, hard to make it become reality but the design is just amazing. The atmosphere must be really special. It’s an experience that those who were in there will never forget.


But, of course, since it’s such a rare structure and since it must have been so difficult to make it true, the price for eating there must be special too. I don’t have details about that and I’m not even curious. I prefer to remember these pictures and to be able to think about this place as a very special structure, without having any bad memories about it.