Yarra Lane, the Place for your Wishes

Yarra Lane is the work of the Hassell architects, the team that won a 2011 Melbourne Design Award for the result of its work, the precinct and the three new dining venues located in Melbourne, Australia: Mo Oho Noodle, Outpost Dinning Room and Deba Sushi Bar. From the very beginning, the project intended to be characterized by a diverse mix of individual shops – a village high street that encouraged street activation and vibrancy.

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The result is the unique identity for the precinct and each of the three new restaurants. All these three instances have shop fronts designed in order to reflect the nature of the dining character. Mo Pho Noodle was designed to respond to the chef’s Asian culinary style, with elements of a hawker’s bazaar with different regional influences on food.The place provides not only a dining experience, but also a life philosophy.


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Outpost Dining Room is a real celebration of food, starting from the chef and the owner’s desire of serving fresh ingredients in a simple way, with simple aesthetic and a restaurant offering the most authentic home-style dishes, a common but pleasant experience. The details express another philosophy, which says “nothing to hide”.

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Deba Sushi Bar is, as the name suggests it, a sushi bar at the entry of Yarra Lane, a quiet and contemplative space designed for strength and precision, as the Japanese carving knife. It is an expression of intricacy, intimacy and beautiful crafted objects. Each of the three places has its own philosophy, its own style and charm that makes you feel at ease.