Yandex – A New Headquarter for the Russian Internet Company

If the name “Yandex” does not say anything, then the biggest Russian Internet Company will do more. The new headquarter of  Yandex has its location in L’va Tolstovo st., Moscow and was designed by Atrium a Russian firm . The building has seven floors, which include a canteen, back-offices and a management floor. The working-desks are placed near the windows, with double-glassed walls and open spaces.

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As Yandex is one of the high-tech companies, it uses eco ideas, but the most important aspect is the fact that the interior is very home-like, with elements that create the cozy feeling. The lamps in the corridors, emphasizing the concept of feeling like at home, give an original tone. Even more interesting is the fact that each floor has a different color and this animates the entire atmosphere and makes things more appealing, unlike the common one-color companies.

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An original tone is given by the lamps in the corridors,  emphasizing the concept of feeling like at home. The interiors prove to have what the designer intended to have, creating an attractive  environment, which makes people feel at ease and work with pleasure. The furniture is modern, the entire space is open, this makes it warm and pleasant and the color harmony guarantees  a special mood, a state of excitement.