X-Ray Rose Wall Art

I have read a scientific article on the Internet recently about a modern gadget that was patented and which could be installed on smartphones. It was supposed to allow you to see the things and people in front of you just like you had X-ray vision. It sounds a bit unbelievable, but it’s very interesting. I have seen my own X-rays and I find them fascinating because they only show a human person on the inside – all the bones and organs. But somebody else had the unusual idea of making an X-ray to a rose. This picture turned into a beautiful work of art, an unusual picture, but a beautiful one. It is called the X-Ray Rose Wall Art.

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So if you think your room is too boring and your walls are too white and empty, just hang this X-Ray Rose Wall Art and the whole design of the room will change instantly. You can even use it in a hotel room, as it is nice and out of the ordinary. The X-ray picture scans the rose and allows you to see the multiple layers of rose petals, placed on top of each other, in different positions. It seems like a # dimensional image and the colour combination is also very cool: the red of the petals will show in grey while the thick part where the petals meet shows in white. It’s incredible and nice and you can have it for $49.99.