Wunderbar Lounge Featuring A Sleek Interior Design

When you’re going to a lounge, it’s usually the music that sets the mood. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. In fact, it’s not just the music that creates the atmosphere. The interior décor is also very important. Ideally, the two would be in perfect sync. Of course, it’s difficult to achieve that. But we found a place that does it to perfection.

Wunderbar lounge montreal3

This is the Wunderbar Lounge and it can be found in the W Hotel Montreal. It’s a very sleek multi-level lounge with a very interesting interior décor. Designed by BPC, this place bursts with color. You can see how the light fixture flows over the space and down the walls. The colors are very bright and bold and that’s not all. Depending on the night and the atmosphere, this light fixture features various color arrangements. The colors change to set the mood for the tunes of the DJ and this way everything is in perfect harmony.

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Wunderbar lounge montreal

Wunderbar lounge montreal2

The massive light fixture connects the ceiling and the walls. It resembles ripples or ribbons and has undulating lines that, together with the colors, produce a mesmerizing visual effect. In addition to this spectacular feature, the lounge also has a long wall of silver chain beads. When the light is reflected on this wall, the changing colors produce a stunning effect. The best part about this huge light fixture is that it can go from bold and striking to soothing and relaxing. It can change the mood in no time.