Interior Designs That Revive The Wrought Iron Railings

Although wrought iron is no longer produced on a commercial scale, it remains a widely used material which lately started to register an increase in popularity. Numerous products now described as wrought iron such as guard rails and gates are actually made of mild steel. The reason why they are described as being made of wrought iron is because of their history.

Victorian style railingView in gallery
In the Victorian era, wrought iron railings were often used in combination with decorative tiles
Complex iron railings designsView in gallery
The designs were originally intricate and complex, with lots of embellishments

The earliest railings were wrought iron and this material continued to be used until the late 19th century when steel started to become popular and to replace it. In the Victorian era, decorative wrought iron gates and railings were a statement and a symbol of stature and well being.

Decorative iron railingsView in gallery
Today, such designs are still popular in traditional homes
Upstairs wrought iron railingsView in gallery
But wrought iron railings can also feature simplified designs
Stairs with a modern wrought touchView in gallery
They are often used in modern and contemporary homes as a way to create contrasts
Wrought iron and woodView in gallery
Wrought iron has a grain resembling wood so these two materials pair nicely
Traditional homes wrought iron railingsView in gallery
In traditional homes, wrought iron railings look elegant and sophisticated
Decorative wrought iron railingsView in gallery
Also, their intricate decorative designs give the staircase a more imposing look

The maintenance process of wrought iron railings includes a variety of aspects. A few signs of deterioration can include the presence of uneven surfaces which suggests that there is corrosion beneath the paint, rust-colored stains or the presence of an oily residue on the surface of the paint which suggests that the oil-based paint is breaking down.

Wood and wrought iron closer lookView in gallery
Wrought iron and wood can be combined in a variety of interesting ways
Rustic decor and cabins wonderful pairsView in gallery
In rustic decors or cabins, they make a wonderful pair
Timber style stairs with wrought ironView in gallery
In modern homes, the impact is more interesting if full logs are used
Rustic lake front house wood and wrought iron railingsView in gallery
In this case, this is actually a wooden staircase with a few wrought iron inserts
Mountain residence wrought iron railingsView in gallery
To emphasize the rustic look, these two materials can also be complemented by stone
Wrought iron railings for beautiful outdoorsView in gallery
Wrought iron railings are not used for interiors in particular
Modern balcony wrought iron railingsView in gallery
They also look wonderful on balconies and terraces
Porch wrought iron railingsView in gallery
And they beautifully complement any sort of porch if they have the right design
Mediterranean residence wrought iron railingsView in gallery
Here, the wrought iron railings are an elegant feature for this Mediterranean residence

Any signs of damage should be dealt with properly. The corroded portions should be taken care of using a wire brush, chisel or sandpaper as soon as the damage is discovered. Never paint over rust and make sure the surface is clean and well prepared. Also, make sure that the fresh paint is compatible with the ironwork and the existing paint layers.

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