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The Worx Pressure Washer: WG604 VS WG601 – How Do They Compare?

Is it time to clean your home’s siding and windows? Or maybe you’d like a convenient way to wash your car at home. A pressure washer would help with these and numerous other cleaning chores around your property, but with so many options available, how do you know which one to choose?

Worx Pressure Washer

In this article we’ll be looking at the WORX WG604 1600psi and WG601 1500psi pressure washer models comparing their features, performance, and usability. So, keep on reading as we learn what the WORX brand is about, what pressure washers can be used for, and which one would be perfect for you.

About the Worx Brand

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The WORX brand of tools was launched in 2004 by the Positec Tool Corporation. Since their inception it has been their mission to provide customers with lawn and garden equipment that is not only convenient and easy to use but is also easy on the environment. WORX believes that part of being environmentally responsible is creating equipment that helps their customers do the same. They use cutting-edge technology and superior efficiency standards to manage emissions and reduce waste in all their manufacturing. The result – quality tools that don’t break the bank.

What Can You Clean with Pressure Washers?

Designed to clean a wide range of surfaces quickly and thoroughly, the list of things you can’t clean with a pressure washer is almost smaller than the list of things you can. Of course, you should always refer to the manufacturer’s user guide for a detailed list of what each pressure wash can and can’t be used for, but we have compiled a general list of items that typically make the cut.

What Can You Clean with Pressure Washers

Use these handy tools to remove built up dirt and residue from your home’s vinyl, brick, or wood siding, and while you’re at it, why not tackle the exterior of those windows too. Grease and grime on driveways and garage floors are no match for the power of a pressure washer and the visible marks left by months of foot traffic come off stairs, sidewalks, and patios with ease.

Make your vehicles, trailers, and boats sparkle in no time and then tackle the kids bikes or go-karts and the lawn mower too.

Is Fido’s doghouse looking just a bit dingy these days? Try a pressure washer. Same goes for fencing, decks, and patio furniture. Even your outdoor grill, when done correctly, can be safely pressure washed. The list goes on, right down to the smallest items in your yard like garbage cans, bird baths, and garden decorations.

It is important to mention, however, some key things that should never be washed using a pressure washer. For safety reasons, never pressure wash humans, pets, or livestock. The force at which water comes out of a pressure washer wand can cause serious physical harm including severe bruising and even skin penetration. It is also not a good idea to clean or water plants or foliage as these would easily be destroyed by the force.

The Worx WG604 1600 PSI 13A Electric Pressure Washer

The Worx WG604 1600 PSI 13A Electric Pressure Washer

The WORX WG604 pressure washer makes cleaning your property and home’s exterior a breeze. This self-contained unit has a durable, tubular metal frame on eight inch no-flat wheels that make it easy to maneuver over any terrain, and the foam comfort-grip handle aids in steerability. The thirty-five-foot insulated and water-resistant power cord stores conveniently on the side of the cart in a dedicated cord-wrap.

The frame has an integrated hose reel that allows you to quickly roll and unroll the twenty-five-foot hose to the exact length you need, and the attached holster keeps the wand securely in place. The durable lightweight metal wand features a full-length trigger with lock and boasts a ¼-inch brass quick-connect fitting that allows you to easily change nozzles as needed. The quick-connect also accepts aftermarket pressure washer tips.

WG604 model comes with four color-coded nozzles

The WG604 model comes with four color-coded nozzles with illustrations displaying the function for each. The turbo nozzle eats through tough, caked-on dirt and mud on hard surfaces like driveways and brickwork. Use the soap nozzle for a deep clean of your vehicle or patio furniture before giving it a final rinse. For windows, garden decoration, and other delicate surfaces, the 40° nozzle will do the trick. And the 25° nozzle is an all-purpose option suitable for day-to-day applications. Keep all four nozzles conveniently at your fingertips in the accessory slot built right into the frame.

The onboard forty-two-ounce soap tank enables you to add additional cleaning solutions right into the water stream and the integrated dial allows you to adjust the solution’s flow to exactly the right amount.

The Worx WG601 1500 PST 13A Electric Pressure Washer

The Worx WG601 1500 PST 13A Electric Pressure Washer

The WORX WG601 pressure washer is a compact and portable option that is short on size, but not on features. With a lightweight, ergonomic body and integrated handle, this little unit is easy to carry anywhere it’s needed and a great option when storage space is minimal.

With a twenty-foot hose and lightweight wand, you can easily clean in around hard-to-reach spaces and the 3-piece wand has a ¼-inch brass fitting and designated ports for the two included nozzles. The brass fitting has a quick-connect feature so that you can quickly change tips and it accepts aftermarket pressure washer attachments.

included 360° oscillating turbo nozzle

The included 360° oscillating turbo nozzle is ideal for tackling tough dirt and grime from all angles and on surfaces including siding, decks, and concrete. The 40° nozzle gives you wider coverage for larger areas like driveways and garage doors.

The WG601 model also includes a convenient soap jug which allows you to add cleaning solutions for any project.

WORX WG604 VS Worx WG601

WORX WG604 VS Worx WG601

Size and Power

The WG604 model has a 13-amp universal motor and heavy-duty Axial Cam Pump. Its maximum internal pressure rating under CSA standards is 2240 psi (pounds per square inch) and under typical working load its pressure is 1600 psi. The flow rate is 1.3 gpm (gallons per minute)

The WG604 unit measures 25.75” x 20” x 35”.

The WG601 model has a 13-amp universal motor and axial cam pump. Its maximum internal pressure rating is 2000 psi and under typical working load its pressure is 1500 psi. The flow rate is 1.2 gpm. The WG601 unit measures 16.85” x 12.52” x 11.93”.

Power Source

The powerful 13-amp motor of the WG604 is powered by at thirty-five-foot insulated, water resistant cord and housed on a cord-wrap built right into the frame.

As with the 604 model, the WG601’s 13-amp motor is powered by a thirty-five-foot insulated, water resistant cord.

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Hose Length

The WG604 model comes with a twenty-five-foot hose that spools and unspools quickly and easily around the frames integrated hose reel.

The WG601 model comes with a twenty-foot hose giving you ample maneuverability.


At just 29.1 pounds, the WG604 model is easy to roll around the yard and manageable by virtually every family member.

The WG601 model is compact, lightweight, and portable at only 15.8 pounds in total.


Both models are backed by WORX standard three-year limited manufacturers warranty.

Best For

With its durable and lightweight frame, the WG604 pressure washer is best for bigger jobs located anywhere on your property. Its 8-inch no-flat wheels and comfort grip make it easy to move and steer and the long power cord and hose give you further reach to out-of-the-way areas.

The WG601 pressure washer is best suited for smaller jobs that are easily accessible and those that require little to no cleaning solutions. This model is also ideal for those who are short on storage space or have small properties with little exterior space.


With big power, efficient performance, and lots of features, both the WORX WG604 and WG601 models of pressure washer are excellent options for your next clean-up project. The choice really is dependent on what your project is, how big your space is, and your preference between a wheeled or hand carried model.

Either way, you’re sure to be pleased with the outcome. We’d love to know if you found this article helpful and if you have any questions. Feel free to leave us a note.