WoodStation Weather Display

Get your weather updates the more natural way with the WoodStation Weather Display .For 100$ the WoodStation Weather Display can be a good accessory for your room. The display will indicate the indoor temperature and humidity, as well as the time and date. WoodStation will also show one of five weather icons (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy or stormy).

It’s the traditional version of the Google toolbar. It’s a very useful item, that anyone should have in their home. Maybe not in this exact format, but anyway, something similar to this one. It’s very useful to know the temperature and the humidity. And the time and date are basic information that you constantly need to know. So why not have them all in only one structure?

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This WoodStation is a very practical and functional item. It has a very simple design and it matches with every type of design and décor. So it’s very versatile as well. You could have one in the living room, in the bedroom or just outside your window to check the temperature. It’s a basic item that just comes in a more chic form. It’s a piece of wood with some technical details inside that shows you some basic and important information. It’s available in two color tones, just in case you prefer a lighter tone instead of the natural wood color.