Wooden Tray Stand

I have a large family and I love to have them all for a special dinner on each holiday or celebration. But, even if I have quite a large dining room table, I never get to place all the things I need on it. There’s always a bottle of mineral water or some glasses or even some napkins left on the side of the table. We all sit and I want a safe place for these things, but also somewhere handy so I don’t have to get up from the table and fetch them from the kitchen. So the most useful thing for  my problem is a tray that can be placed somewhere near the dinner table. Something like a stand for trays. Perhaps something like this wooden tray stand that you can find on Torquato.


This is actually a wooden tray standing on a tall wooden stand with crossed legs. What is very interesting about this item is the fact that you can actually remove the tray without having to bend the stand or something and when you are ready just place the tray back on the stand. The stand and the tray are both made of very nice-looking dark stained wood and you can purchase the product now for £ 65.00.