Wooden kitchen accessories that any home should have

Wood is one of the most common natural materials found all over the globe. It’s very popular and it’s used in almost all domains. In interior design and décor, wood is very appreciated for its natural qualities. It adds warmth and elegance to any décor and it’s used in all the rooms of the house, including the kitchen. There are plenty of kitchen accessories made from different types of wood. Here are some of the most common ones and that should be included in any kitchen.

1. Stackable fruit crates.

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These modular storage containers are very practical and they can be easily stacked to save some space. They feature slatted sides that let air circulate and thus keep your fruits and vegetables fresh. They also provide easy access while cooking and they also feature chalkboard plaques that let you label the contents of the crates. Also, because they’re made out of wood, they have a very nice vintage look.

2. Pizza paddle board.

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Whether you buy your pizza, order it or make it yourself, it always looks more delicious when it’s served properly. This pizza serving board is handcrafted from sustainably harvested mango wood but there are also other similar models. The dimensions in this case are 24″ wide x 19″ deep x 1″ high and the design is simple and rustic. Available for 32 euros.

3. Wood boards.

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Raw wood boards are a must-have in any kitchen. They are very practical and they are used as prep surfaces but also as serving platters. They were designed for serving charcuterie and cheeses. They are also very useful for serving and transporting snack bowls and appetizer plates with ease. The designs, shapes and sizes vary but the functionality remains the same. From 35 euros.

4. Egg crates.

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These lovely egg crates are great for displaying hand-painted eggs or for serving hardboiled eggs for big brunches but mostly they are great for storing eggs. Unlike plastic crates, these are made of wood and have a more refined and elegant look, if these are attributes that can associated with eggs. Each crate holds a dozen eggs which is usually a standard number for anything kitchen-related.

5. Wood bowls.

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When you’re serving fruit or other sorts of dessert goodies, they always look better and more delicious when brought in a beautiful bowl. Wood is a material that can easily make anything look appealing. These wood serving bowls have a beautiful rustic look and they’re handcrafted from sustainably harvested mango wood. They’re great for serving fruit, salad or treats.Available from 35 euros.

6. Wine rack.

Wine rack

And, of course, there’s also the wine rack, another must have in any home. These are interlocking solid acacia wooden wine racks that can be stacked and combined to hold your expanding collection of wine bottles. They can be sited either vertically or horizontally and they also have a rustic look. The design is as simple as possible and very functional as well.From 21 euros.