Wooden clothes rack for kids from P’kolino

Kids are such a joy, but they also make your life a lot more complicated than it used to be. Well, you have to consider their needs and perspectives every time you make a purchase and you must also consider if they like the thing or not. For example every piece of furniture for their room needs to fit their size, so think about that. For example when you want to buy a clothes rack for the kids room you should choose a special one, like this one from P’kolino. It is perfect for kids because it is small,. so they can reach the top of it while standing, it is made of wood and has rounded edges, so they do not risk getting hurt while hanging clothes in it.


This nice looking wooden rack from P’kolino is made especially for children and its most important feature is safety. It looks like a stylized tree with many bigger and smaller branches the children will use for hanging their coats. The price of this piece of furniture may vary a bit, depending on the online store that sells it, so you can purchase it for a sum between $50 and 100 if you follow these links: Bizrate, Nextag, Baby crib station, Bakati and Maxbaby. As you can see from the pictures they are available in different colors.