Wood Shop SmartPly Stacked Vase

My grandma taught me not to throw things away easily, but to try to give them another shape or use, so as to make another thing out of garbage and things I would have thrown otherwise. You just need a bit of imagination and will. And my grandma was absolutely right, as there is a real recycling trend all over the world now. And one of the materials we should recycle more often is wood because we need to save trees from getting cut and this way allow them to grow to adulthood and give us enough oxygen. Any way, this is a great example of what you can do with recycled bits of wood if you set your mind to it – you obtain this amazing Wood Shop SmartPly Stacked Vase.

Wood flower vase

The vase is made of recycled rings of pressed wood that are glued together. The different size of the rings give the vase an unusual, but very interesting shape and look. This is a great idea of what you can do for yourself if you are any good at crafts, but if you are not or simply prefer other people to do it for you, you can order such a vase online on Haus interior web site for the fair price of $50.