Wood Shade Table Lamp

Table lamps are very popular and they are also very useful items, as they help you focus the light in the exact spot where you need it and you can do your activities without disturbing the others. So if you still homework to do and mother tells you she wants to watch a movie, it will not be a problem. Or maybe one of the spouses has to work late hours while the other wants to sleep.

But now there is such a great diversity of table lamps models, that your head spins and you don’t know what to choose. Well, this model of lamp that has a wooden shade looks pretty interesting to me. They are provided by Blauet and you can visit the official web site for more detailed information.

The wood that is used for the shade is warm and nice to touch and also prevents the light from invading the room. This lamp only casts as much or little energy it is needed. The long pieces of wood are interrupted by some empty spaces that let the light out in order to see something in the house. I honestly like it and I also know you can buy it for $577.