Wood Magazine Rack and End Table

Printed press is about to be extinct, as many people now, especially those living in large cities, with easy access to the Internet, read all the news online and do not need a printed magazine or newspaper for this. However, every once in a while I like reading a magazine or at least the junk mail that shows me the special prices for this week offered by the nearest supermarket. As I never have a place for them, I pile them up in the living room, on the coffee table or on the balcony. So in these cases I wish i had a special place for storing them, where I can find them easily and not bump into them every time. This is the Wood Magazine Rack and End Table, a nice combination between a magazine rack and a side table, perfect for busy people like you and me.

Table magazine rack

This is actually a square side table that is made of wood and which has an unexpected hole on the other half. But this hole is secured with canvas and this makes for the magazine rack. It is actually a kind of a pocket on the side of a side table (I know, it sounds hilarious) where you can keep magazines, newspapers, calendars or whatever you consider appropriate. It is available for $195.