Wood Base Stools from Cherner Chair Company

Some homes have a common area for the kitchen and living room. They are linked and only separated by a low wall or a counter. This way you can talk to your guests and cook at the same time. And if you have some proper working hood, the smell will be unnoticed. Well, in these homes with a counter or even a bar in the living room area, you could use some bar stools. Your friends will sit comfortably on them and the design of the modern bar stools will improve the look of your house.

12This Wood Base Stools from Cherner Chair Company is perfect for any modern home. It is both very modern in design and material and also a bit classic because it is produced by a company with a long tradition in manufacturing furniture. This wood base bar stool keeps the original instructions belonging to Norman Cherner, the founder of the company, who designed it in 1859. However, the stool is now made of bent plywood with an increasing thickness and a laminated wood base. There is also a metallic chrome footrest between the stool legs, which makes it all the more resistant. You get to choose the colour from the few available and also the height (either counter or bar height) and you can purchase one for $699.