Wood barrel planter collection

If you feel that your garden needs a little more character, try adding some nice planters to complete the image. If you’re looking to achieve a quiet, more rustic look, you should try these beautiful wood barrel planters. They have a very beautiful distressed gray finish that gives them character.

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The planters come in three different sizes. There’s the small version that measures 15″ square, 16″ high, the medium size that’s 19″ square, 20″ high and the large version that measures 22″ square, 26″ high. You can choose different sizes for a more diversified look or you can stick with the same dimension for a uniform image. These planters allow you to have your own garden. You can plant all sorts of flowers, small trees, basically anything you want. Your garden will look lovely without having necessarily to ruin the beautiful grass. These planters allow you to change their position and to design your garden in nay way you want.

Also, during the winter, you can take them inside if you’re worried that your pants will die. The wood barrel planters have a very beautiful rustic look that would complement any garden, regardless of the style of your interior décor. Have fun arranging your garden with these unique barrel planters.Available for 72.79 euros.