Wonderful Pancake Floor Pillows

After a delicious meal it always follows a great dessert. Everybody loves this part of the meal as sweets are always welcomed at almost any time of the day. An ice cream, some pancakes, a piece of pie is great ideas to finish a meal. You may even think of words like “always the last is the best” which seem to be true all the time.

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Sweets have always sweetened our day so they are an excellent remedy when you feel sad or disappointed. Today I had the intention to prepare some cakes but as I have not too much time for this I preferred to buy a chocolate. Maybe I make them some other day and instead I can enjoy the funny and unusual design for these floor pillows. Unica and Bryan McCarthy managed to create these wonderful Pancake Floor Pillows. As the name says, they take the shape of a large pancake .You may use it for any interior you would like and use it for sitting or lying on it. The pancakes are upholstered 2″ memory-type foam and feature digital printing.

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Kids will adore them and you will think all the time of the delicious pancakes that make your day sweeter when you see them in the house.Available here.