Wonderful Modern Villa in Mongolia, China

People have built different types of houses of various kinds and with more or less comfort and elegance. It depends on our tastes, preferences and needs, when we choose our own house design and the material resources that we afford.

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Here it is a wonderful, modern villa in Mongolia, China. It is a building with an interesting shape, designed by Multiplicities based on a wonderful adaptive system to the climatic conditions.If it were not for the windows it would look more like an egg. It has an oval shape, except the space destined to the windows. It is made of black brick and white quartz plaster, an elegant choice of colors which complete each other in a harmonious way. The materials used can change the density of the construction and allow to different types of screen to filter the sun, water, light and air inside the building.

Multiplicities holguin patio

Multiplicities holguin patio

So, you can notice that it is a building which can adapt itself to any natural phenomenon that might influence its existence whether it is related to heat, water or air. It is a unique construction which can offer you all the conditions you need for a modern and healthy living.You can enjoy this place any season you woud like to without feeling any discomfort.