Wonderful Interior Renovation by Dan Pearlman

The German agency, Dan Pearlman was selected by the Berlin MTV Network Headquarters to create new interior designs for their working spaces.

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Usually, people try to find jobs which offer nice conditions of work too.The modern furniture, the high technology equipment or other facilities are taken into account when somebody is searching for a good job.

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Here, at the Berlin MTV Network Headquarters, Dan Pearlman did an excellent work. They renovated spaces called the Brand Garden or the Blue Lounge which are rooms that offer you all the comfort for a meeting, conference or a place where you can relax a few moments.The modern furniture and the beautiful interior design make each person feel comfortable and nice.

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If you have a lunch break you can enjoy a good meal here in the Network Kitchen. Here you can also spend some beautiful moments playing at the tennis table or the football table. It is a nice place which combines work with pleasure.