DIY Makeup Holder Ideas To Help You Stay Organized

Let’s face it. It’s hard work looking great all the time. Sure, makeup helps but, at the same time, creates a series of other problems. For example, it’s messy and there’s no good way of storing it because, sooner or later, you end up ruining everything. This is why finding a simple and practical solution from the start should be a priority. If the stores don’t offer any great options, how about a DIY project?

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For example, check out how wonderful this spice rack is for organizing and storing nail polish bottles and other small things like lipstick and hairbrushes. In addition to gaining a practical storage system, you also get to re-purpose an old spice rack and give it a new use, saving it from being forgotten and thrown away.{found on thespeckleddog}.

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For your makeup brushes, you can re-purpose a pencil holder. But first make it look a bit more attractive by decorating it. You can use embroidery floss, felt and glue for this. Cut small felt squares and then fold them into triangles. Stitch them to keep their shape and glue them onto your new makeup holder. {found on blitsycrafts}.

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Trays are very useful and practical and you can use one for all your basic makeup products. But you’ll probably want to decorate it a little bit first. Check out Onceuponherdream for a chic idea. Start with a shoebox lid, a tray or a picture frame. Wrap it in velvet textured adhesive sheet and smooth out the creases. Then you can create a chevron pattern using masking tape. Brush glue on the untaped areas and sprinkle glitter. Let the glue dry and repeat if necessary. Remove the tape. If you want, you can also add a border on the outside.

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A really beautiful and classy idea is offered on Natajane. Check it out to find out how to make storage blocks for your manicure set and makeup brushes and other things. You can use several strips of wood and glue them together to get a layered look. Drill holes of different sizes depending on what you want to store.

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Another idea is to use plastic bottles. Basically, you can cut out the top of a plastic bottle and then smooth out the rim using your iron. Now the tricky part is finding bottles that have the desired shape, size and color. But if you’re more focused on the usefulness of the containers, any type would do.

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For the larger things like your curling iron and other similar items, you can use a magazine holder. Find one that’s sturdy and durable and personalize it. You can decorate it with wrapping paper, fabric, washi-tape and in a lot of other cute ways.

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Makeup organizers can also be in the form of small buckets or containers which you hang with hooks from a wall-mounted rod. The system is similar to that used for desks and offices. Instead of crayons and pens you’ll be storing makeup brushes and lipstick.

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Another way in which you can use small buckets as storage for makeup products is offered on Glamour. For the project you need cutlery caddies and clothesline. Tie cord to the buckets making sure they hand evenly and that they’re also spaced out in a practical way so you can easily use the items stored inside. You can hang this system in your bathroom.

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Instead of tiny buckets you could use plant pots. But usually these are taller than the makeup brushes. To solve this issue, use long grain dried rice. Put some in the pot and this way the brushes with stand up, nicely spaced out and easy to grab when needed. Feel free to decorate the pots however you want.

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If you want something suitable for Halloween or if you simply find these skull containers attractive, then don’t be afraid to show your personality. Actually, these makeup containers are really practical. They have a really great size and shape and they stand out.