Log Shelves Bring A Piece Of Nature Into Your Home

Be it rustic, modern eclectic or any other style, the décor in your home can always accommodate a long shelf or two. That’s because no home can say no to their natural beauty and charm. Log shelves are also something you can craft by yourself provided you have the necessary materials and tools.


The first step for such a project is obviously finding a log. Once you have it, proceed to cut off both edges of the log. Then decide which side you want to be placed against the wall. That side would have to be straightened out. Depending on how thick your log is you might get one or two shelves out of it. Use L brackets to attach the shelves to the wall.{found on designsponge}.

Log shelves in the kitchen

But let’s assume for now that you already have a set of log shelves. It doesn’t matter if you make them yourself, if you buy them or if you have them custom made by someone else. What we’ll focus on is the décor. Log shelves are a beautiful and simple way of adding warmth to a simple and functional décor such as in the case of the kitchen.{found on encircledesignbuild}.

Log shelves and pebbles tiles

Use log shelves in combination with other features that use natural materials such as wood or stone. These bathroom shelves look beautiful on the pebble wall. Both features are inspiring and together they give the room a fresh and cozy look.

Rustic timber log wall shelf

Log shelves can also be a décor feature. They can stand out on their own, without the need of any other decorative features but, of course, you can also choose to display a few things like candles, pine cones, photos and other items.Available on Touchofclass.


Above the window shelf

A single live edge shelf can change the whole room. It’s not necessarily about the visual impact the shelf has on the room’s décor as much as it is about the way in which it impacts the ambiance in the room. A live-edge shelf placed high above the window adds extra storage and, at the same time, gives the room a more welcoming feel.{found on isarkstudio}.

Wood shelf and accent wall make the TV stand out

The impact both the shelf and the accent wall have on the rest of the room is similar to that of a fireplace. Both these features add warmth and texture to the room, allowing the décor to feel more inviting and more relaxing.{found on raadstudio}.

Tree stump bookshelf

This design takes the concept of log shelves to a whole new level. Actual logs are used as support structures for a shelving system. The logs are bigger at the bottom and smaller at the top. The whole unit looks unique and this influences the entire space as a result of its eye-catching design. This is the type of design that can be easily transformed into a DIY project and adapted to suit a particular setting.

Accent red leather armchairs on a rustic chalet

Some interior designs make the integration of features such as live-edge or log shelves very easy and natural. It’s usually the case with rustic interiors that use wood extensively in the form of exposed ceiling beams, wood panels, etc. Industrial interiors also tend to accommodate such features really well.